Qatar traffic department simplifies accident procedure

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Qatar’s traffic department has made life easier for people who get involved in traffic accidents. Now you can go straight to the insurance company and complete all procedures in one go.

The General Directorate of Traffic opened five traffic investigation offices at insurance companies in order to simplify the procedures for motorists, who are involved in traffic accidents.

Here is how the new system works :


Photo : MoI Qatar

1. Parties go to the insurance company

People involved in accidents can now directly go to the insurance company of the person who caused the accident and approach the traffic investigation office there to register the accident.

2. Investigators register the accident

Traffic investigators deployed at insurance companies will register the accident electronically through the tablet PC they are provided with and take the picture of the accident and communicate directly with the insurance companies.

3. Insurance company will be notified

Once it’s registered, the other party can approach the insurance company staff there to complete the vehicle repairing procedures. The motorists are not required to go to traffic investigation sections at different areas of the country.

4. Victim receives text message

Meanwhile, the accident victim will receive a text message with details of the case.

5. Victim approaches insurance company

After receiving the text message, the victim can approach the insurance company straight for repairing his vehicle.

Previously, motorists involved in traffic accidents had to wait until the police patrol reaches or move to the traffic investigation sections to register the accident and get a report to approach the insurance companies.

Now, all phases of traffic investigation services are completed electronically starting from registering the accident till issuing the report.

Moreover, the accident reports can be printed now from MOI website or Metrash2 mobile app without approaching traffic investigation sections as was the case before.

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The new service is provided as part of the integrated link between Traffic Directorate and insurance companies to complete the procedures in traffic accidents at one place, MoI said in a statement.

Soon, the new service would be extended to other insurance companies also.

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