Qatar urges residents not to abuse other countries and leaders

Qatar’s Government Communications has issued a statement urging residents to show sense of responsibility while expressing opinions.

It has also asked residents to refrain from any kind of abuses to other countries, their leaders and their people.
The statement starts with a verse from the Holy Quran that stresses the importance of using good words.

Full Statement

Here is the full statement as reported by Qatar News Agency:

Have you not seen how Allah has set a parable: “A good word is like a good tree, having its root firm and its branches in the sky”. (Surah Ibrahim- verse 24)

Based on the principles of our Islamic religion, our human values, and our authentic Qatari culture, we call on all those who live in this noble land to rise above and continue to avoid responding similarly to the abuses that has been circulated in various social media platforms.

We also urge you to show a sense of responsibility by refraining from directing any kind of abuses to other countries, their leaders or their peoples.

The right of Qatari citizens and residents to express their opinions is always guaranteed, however keeping in mind the Islamic and cultural values that have been bestowed on us.

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