Qatar Visa Centers to offer free mobile SIM cards

This post was originally published on 2 April 2019.

Qatar Visa Centers, which have started operating in a number of major workforce-exporting countries including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, will provide mobile SIM cards with QR30 balance free of cost to newly inducted workers to keep them connected with their families during their journey and stay in Qatar.

“The mobile number of the provided SIM cards will be added to the documents of work contracts which are being signed at QVCs,” Muhammed Ali Al Meer, Labour Expert and Adviser at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs told The Peninsula.

He said that since the copies of the contract are in the access of the Ministry of Administrative Development Labour and Social Affairs and the employers, the mobile number will enable them to call the workers whenever needed.

“The SIM card will have QR30 balance so the new worker can talk to his family, employer or the Ministry,” said Al Meer. He said that all workers who come through QVCs will benefit from the initiative of free SIM card which will be registered in the name of the worker.

“The recruitment procedures available at QVCs are to take biometrics of expatriates, register vital data, conduct medical examinations, and sign the employment contract through a more transparent and responsible recruitment system,” said Al Meer.

He said that residency permit cards will be made in Qatar when the workers arrive here. “In the coming phases under new procedures other things such as health card and bank card are likely to be issued at QVCs,” said Al Meer.

Qatar opened recently two visa centres in India out of seven slated to be commissioned soon as part of its Qatar Visa Centers abroad program, which was launched last year and targets eight labour-exporting countries.

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