Qatar Guide : Visit Visa for Family Members

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Family members of sponsored residents may enter Qatar on a short-term Family Visit Visa. The visa is valid for one month. However, relatives who wish to stay beyond one month may undergo a medical examination to apply for an extension.

  • The visa can be extended for another five months for first and second degree relatives and can be extended for only two months in case of other relatives.

Requirements to apply for visit visa for wife:

  • Completed application form in Arabic [Download Form]
  • Husband’s passport copy with RP page OR copy of Qatar ID / Residence Card
  • Letter from husband’s employer citing profession and salary
  • Copy of attested marriage contract
  • Copy of wife’s valid passport
  • Copy of husband’s labour contract – certified from Ministry of Labour
  • Tenancy contract attested by Municipality (if housing is not provided by company)

Requirements to apply for visit visa for other relatives:

  • Completed application form in Arabic [Download Form]
  • Sponsor’s passport copy with RP page OR copy of Qatar ID / Residence Card
  • Sponsor’s wife’s passport copy with RP page OR copy of Qatar ID / Residence Card
  • Letter from sponsor’s employer citing profession and salary
  • Valid passport copy of the visitor
  • Document to prove relationship (birth certificate, passport etc)
  • Keep a copy of your tenancy contract / Kahramaa bill, as proof of where the visitor will be staying while in Qatar (Often this is not required). If you are on your spouse’s sponsorship and the tenancy contract is in your spouse’s name, then you will need to supply a marriage certificate to show proof of relationship.


  • Undergo medical test within few days, in case willing to extend the visa.

TIP : It is advised to go a typing centre and get the application form done, as it is in Arabic. Also double check with the typing centre about procedure, as the rules change from time to time.


Take the required documents to any MoI service centre. Take a token number, and wait for your turn.

When your number is displayed on screen, go to the counter and submit the  documents.

Sometimes they would write the comments on your application and ask you to meet the Captain for final approval. The Captain will decide if your application can be accepted.

If found satisfactory, you would be given a receipt and asked to check after 2-3 working days.

After 2 days, check the status online through the link on receipt. If you have Metrash 2 installed on your phone, you would be notified on the status change.

If the visa is approved, go to any MoI centre. Take a token number and go to the counter when your number is displayed on screen.

Submit the receipt. You would be asked to pay using credit / debit card. Upon payment you would be given a printout of  the visa. You can scan it and send to the visitor.


A fee of QR 200 applies for each visa, and QR 50 for each registered dependent or companion.

The visa is valid for one month and can be extended for QR 200 per month (QR 50 per month for the companion).

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Medical check-up for visa extension costs QR 100.

QR 200 per day is the fine for overstay beyond allowed period.


  1. Gents.. got visa for my parents today, father 65 and mother 59.. Great feeling.. Its a normal family visit visa procedure, nothing new… application, company letter, PP copies of parents, self PP and RP copies, Wife PP & RP copies.. that’s it.. applied through my company.. approved in the first instance..

  2. Hi NRIcafe,
    I’m studying in my home country and haven’t been to qatar for 5months. I’m under my father’s sponsorship. Is it necessary to visit qatar within 6months for visa renewal? Or can I pay 500qr fine and visit qatar before completing a year outside doha?

  3. Hi ,

    I am on resident visa since 1 year in qatar and also my wife on resident visa since 8 months.
    My parents and Mother in Law stay in dubai on resident visa.
    Kindly please let me know if i can sponsor my MOTHER and MOTHER in LAW for family visit visa.
    If yes please let me know the documents required and process.

    Thanks for all your help…
    You people are doing an excellent job by helping us all !!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Imran, Thanks for the kind words. You can definitely sponsor your parents and mother in law. Just follow the steps given in the post above (visit visa for other relatives). Since you have 3 applications, you will need 3 copy of each document. Good luck !

  4. Hi !

    I really need your help since im traveling under Family visit visa on December 24th till Decemer 27th im staying in uae right now and i want to spend my holidays in doha with my wife.

    I just want to make an inquiry because I will be again coming back on December 31st till january 2nd to celebrate new years day with my wife. What happens to my family visit visa during my first journey??? Do i need to apply again for my 2nd journey??? is there any way that I can just extend it and come back with the same visa???

    If I need to apply again again how many days does it take to get a new family visit visa status???

    Thank you

    • Hi Kenneth, The family visit visa is valid for one entry only. Multiple entry visas are allowed on some cases, but need special permissions.
      However, if you have a valid Residence Visa in UAE, you don’t need to apply for family visit visa as you can get visa on arrival in Qatar.

    • Thank you for that info but i already check the requirement for visa on arrival for qatar and they some qualification to avail one. im a supervisor her in DAFZA and they will only allow specific supervisory position

      anyhow thank you for the info I really appreciate it

  5. hi.
    For applying visit visa for wife, does we require house contract under my name and 6months bank transaction ?

    • Hi Adnan, Tenancy contract attested by Municipality is being asked for recent applications. Bank statement is not needed.