No salary for months; Qatar workers seek labour office intervention


Hundreds of workers at a construction firm in Qatar have sought the intervention of the Labour authorities after their employer has failed to pay their salaries for the last 3-4 months, Gulf Times have reported.

Inquiries made by the newspaper with some of the senior staff have found the company, which is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, and having operations across the region, has been facing a severe financial crunch for close to a year now. One of the staff has moved the court for the settlement of his end of service benefits.

The company with office in Al Hilal has not been able to disburse salaries for several months, the report said.

Company officials summoned to Indian Embassy

Already the firm’s officials have been summoned by the Indian Embassy more than twice over the issue after complaints from Indian employees, but the salaries are still due.

Meanwhile, the Indian Community Benevolent Forum (IBF) is stepping up its efforts to help the workers . Its president Arvind Patil said they are in touch with the workers’ representatives and efforts are underway to provide them provisions .

Terminations without salary settlement

As several workers were terminated without settling their salary arrears, many of them were unable to bring the matter to the attention of the Labour authorities and their embassies before their departure from the country.

The report adds that at least five hundred workers are living in their Industrial Area accommodation on the sustenance allowance provided by the main contractors, which is not enough to meet their personal requirements.

Some of the stranded workers are exploring the possibility of leaving the country during the ongoing amnesty scheme announced by the Ministry of Interior (MoI). However, they have no funds to purchase tickets.

According to the report, the company has been put on the black list by the Labour authorities for their failure to comply with the Wage Protection System (WPS) .

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  1. I m working in company before 5 months not giving salary May viss expiry 04/07/2017 I m not working I m told him I m going India bat he not giving salary and going aney reapply I m wetting before 20 dey please aney halp me

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