Qatari Riyal can be exchanged at Doha Bank branches in India

If you are disappointed that some exchange houses in India are not accepting Qatari currency due to the ongoing crisis, here is some good news for you.

Doha Bank has confirmed in a press release that all its branches in India are accepting Qatari Riyal currency notes.

“Doha Bank is authorized to exchange Qatari Riyal currency notes against Indian Rupees (INR) at its Bank’s Branches in India for its customers and other Banks,” Dr. R. Seetharaman, Chief Executive Officer of Doha Bank said,

“Doha Bank would like to assure its existing customers that they can exchange Qatari Riyal currency notes against Indian Rupees at its Branches in India. Doha Bank has also communicated to all the Banks in India that they can get in touch with the branch personnel to discuss the operational aspects of the exchange,” he added.

With regards to the foreign exchange in Qatar, Dr. R. Seetharaman said, “Qatari Banks have supported and continues to support all its customers, exchange houses, with foreign exchange remittance as well as currency notes supply as per demand.”

Doha Bank has three branches in India – two in Mumbai and one in Cochin. You can find address of the branches here.

Recently Reserve Bank of India had issued a circular that there is no official restriction on accepting or exchanging Qatari currency in India.

Published on 9 July 2017