Qatar’s mobile internet is the fastest in the world

Qatar was named first out of 119 countries for average mobile Internet speeds as part of a customer speed test of networks around the world, Ooredoo said yesterday. According to the Ookla Speed Test, a popular internet speed test website, Qatar’s mobile Internet is the fastest in the world on average mobile data speeds, and Ooredoo is the number one carrier.

The results, which are available to view via, show that Ooredoo is the fastest Internet service provider in Qatar, with average speeds of up to 33.63 Mbps, significantly faster than its competitor.
The Ookla Speed Test deploys data from more than five million tests per day, on more than 3,500 servers worldwide.

Sheikh Saud bin Nasser Al Thani, Chief Executive Officer, Ooredoo, said: “The result from Ookla demonstrates the on-going progress of our mobile Internet, as we work to offer the fastest Internet — not just in Qatar, but in the world. We know that customers want a bigger, faster network and Ooredoo is striving to bring the latest and best technology so that we continue to record the fastest speeds and position Qatar as the best-connected nation.”

Ooredoo provides Qatar’s biggest, fastest mobile data network, supported by carrier aggregation to deliver Qatar’s fastest Internet speed. Ooredoo is the only operator to combine 20+10 MHz bands on its 4G+ network, enabling Ooredoo to reach the higher maximum top speed, and giving Ooredoo customers faster on-average Internet speeds.
Ooredoo offers connectivity for all mobile phones in Qatar on its network, and users can currently connect to a 3G, 4G or 4G+ network depending on their phone model.

Customers can enjoy access to Ooredoo 4G+ super-speeds with a device that supports Ooredoo’s 4G+ technology and supports 800 or 2600 MHz frequencies.

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