Qatar’s MoI warns Internet users against online fraud

Internet users must not disclose their personal information such as ID number, passport number and date of birth while buying things online because online shopping does not require such information, said a senior official of Ministry of Interior.

Speaking to Al Sharq, Lieutenant Madawi Saeed Al Qahtani, officer, Cyber Crime Combating Centre at Criminal Investigation Department at Ministry of Interior, cautioned that cybercriminals may use this data to steal personal information of Internet users.

Guidelines for online usage

Customers should use prepaid cards instead of credit cards for online shopping and must only log on to well-known and credible websites.

He added that Internet users must be careful about their selection of words while cracking jokes with others. It can be considered a cyber crime if the other person is offended by such jokes.

People should not forward pictures and videos received by unknown persons because it can be considered as promoting such material which could breach privacy of others.

Madawi said that Internet blackmailing is the most prevalent cyber crime. The main reason behind cyber crime is to either extort money or to take revenge. Criminals use laptops, desktop computers, smartphones and tablet computers for committing such crimes.

He said that people should be cautious with emails saying they have won prizes. Such mails contain virus and spy programs and are sent by cyber criminals to steal personal information.

There are many specialised websites which can help to check such attached files. One should always activate filters and install Anti-spam software.

Cyber Crime Combating Centre

The Cyber Crime Combating Centre at Criminal Investigation Department was set up in 2006 and inaugurated in 2009 to curb cyber crime in Qatar. The department is working to prevent cyber crime such as cyber assault, blackmailing, hacking, dissemination of pornographic materials and other such crimes.

The best way to avoid cybercrime is not to visit suspicious websites because criminals attract their victims from these websites. Instead of responding immediately to blackmailing, one should inform the Cyber Crime Combating Centre, he said.

When a cybercrime happens, the centre works with great transparency using the latest techniques for analysis of the crime, but the identity of the victim is kept confidential.


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