Qatar’s new automated driving tests see increase in pass rates


After Qatar’s Traffic Department has completely automated the Parking and L tests for getting a driving licence, there has been no room for any complaint of unfairness in evaluation from trainees, media reports say.

A number of driving school operators, instructors and trainees have opined that the process could be considered 100% fair and there was no room for subjective evaluation.

How the new system works

The new system is based on land sensors and surveillance cameras inside the vehicle used for the test and outside it. The whole process throughout the test is recorded. If the trainee is successful in the tests, he or she would be cleared for the next step, the road test.

However, if the trainee could not show his mastery over the manoeuvers, the land sensors would give a loud beep, indicating that he has failed in the attempt.

The success rates of the Parking and L tests have considerably gone up since the introduction of the new technology, Gulf Times has reported citing sources at various schools around the country.

Besides, this has encouraged new trainees to enroll, they said. However, the delay in road tests is a source of grievance for many, as it takes a minimum of one month and many times more, to get scheduled for a road test.

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