Qatar’s new sponsorship law : Bye-laws to be issued soon


The executive regulations to help implement the new law regulating the entry, exit and residency of foreign workers are expected to be out soon, The Peninsula has reported.

Executive regulations are bye-laws that explain each article of a law and explain in detail how they are to be put in force.

The law (Number 21 of 2015) regulating the entry, exit and residency of foreign workers was issued late last year, amending a previous legislation.

Law to be implemented in December

It is to be implemented from December this year, reports Al Sharq.

The law was published in the official gazette on December 13, 2015. It is to be implemented exactly a year after its publication in the official gazette.

The daily said the executive regulations to help put the new law in force from December 2016 is being readied and will be out soon.

A campaign will be launched in the local media as well as through the social media to explain the new law and the executive regulations.

The new legislation will replace the sponsorship system and make the employment and stay of expatiates here entirely contract-based.

New job contracts to be signed

  • Job contract will need to be signed by a foreign worker before he lands here once the new law is in effect from later this year.
  • Also, employment contracts of all expatriate workers who are already here will be replaced with new contracts.

In other words, all expatriate workers will have to sign new contracts with their employers in compliance with the provisions of the new law (No 21 of 2015).

This contract will form the basis of the relationship between a foreign worker and his employer.

The contract will be signed for two or five years’ duration and both the sides will be obliged to follow its clauses that will contain terms and conditions.

Change in exit permit system

Once the new law is in effect, the exit permit system whereby a foreign worker needs written permission from his sponsor to travel overseas will also end.

A worker would only need to inform his employer about his departure.

Also, workers leaving a job and coming back to Qatar to take up another job (with a different employer) would not need to wait for two years to return.

They can come back at after two to three days after the new legislation is in force provided they have a new job agreement and fulfill visa requirements.

Published on: 26 March 2016

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