Qatar’s Supreme Court upholds death sentence for two Indian expatriates

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Qatar’s Supreme Court has confirmed the death sentence of two Indian expatriates who had been found guilty by lower courts of murdering a local lady at her Doha home in 2012.

According to the prosecution, Chelladurai Perumal, Alagappa Subramanium and Sivakumar Arasan – all hailing from Tamil Nadu – killed the old Qatari lady while trying to burgle her house in the Salata Jadeed area.

Death sentence for two, 15 years imprisonment for third

The Supreme Court upheld the death sentence handed down by the trial court and later confirmed by the appeals court after it was presented with sound evidence to prove the involvement of the first and second accused in the crime, legal sources told the daily.

The third accused Sivakumar Arasan, who was also sentenced to death by the trial court, had got a reprieve from the Court of Appeals, which commuted his sentence to life imprisonment. The apex court has now further reduced his lifer to 15 years in jail.

Murder during robbery

Giving the details of the case, a legal source said the trio used to work at a construction site near the house where the victim lived. She used to occasionally feed the men.

On the fateful night in 2012, the men entered the house to steal valuables but were seen by the lady and her housemaid, who was the sole witness in the case .

The suspects were arrested a few days later, based on the clues provided by the housemaid . The maid recognised the trio during an identification parade and testified against them in the trial court.

Reacting to the judgement yesterday, Nizar Kochery, who represented the convicts at the apex court, said he was awaiting copies of the verdict to decide the future course of action. “The Indian embassy has been informed about the SC verdict,” he added.

An Indian embassy official said the mission has been updated about the case but refused to elaborate.

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While Chelladurai is a native of Virudhanagar, Alagappa is reportedly from Pudukottai and Sivakumar from Salem.

A lawyer from India had arrived in Qatar last June to move the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeals had upheld the death sentence of the defendants pronounced by the lower court.

Published on 3 January 2017

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