How to register and make use of Metrash2 on your mobile


Metrash2 is a free mobile application from the Qatar’s Ministry of Interior which enables expats and nationals to renew their residence permits, renew and replace driver’s licences, conduct vehicle ownership transfers, fill out visit visa applications and renew e-gate cards.

This service is very helpful when it comes to checking your traffic violations, paying the fines, reminder about expiry dates of Residence Permit, Driving Licence etc. This can also give complete official details of your own and your dependents at a single click.

There are 40+ services including :

  • Traffic Services 
  • Resident Permit Services
  • Visa Services
  • Exit Permit Services
  • E-Gate Services

Complete list of services is available here.

Metrash was originally introduced in 2006 as an electronic service for mobile users only where upon subscription, residents could receive SMS messages regarding Traffic violation, RP expiry, License expiry etc.

In the initial years the service was not very popular as the registration was complicated and needed to access the MOI self service kiosks. Recently the process has been simplified and you can easily do it in 5 minutes with your smart phone.

How to install Metrash2 in simple steps (Updated 2015)

  1. The mobile number you use should be under your QID.
  2. Download the app from Google Play Store / App Store / Blackberry Store.
  3. Enter your QID and Expiry Date when asked.
  4. The app would draft an SMS to 92992. Simply click Send. No need to modify.
  5. You would receive an SMS with 2 activation codes (Part 1 and Part 2). Note them down.
  6. Open the app and enter QID and both activation codes.
  7. In PIN Code, enter any 4 digit pin of your choice (this is your password).
  8. You would receive a confirmation SMS.
  9. Now you can login to the app with your PIN Code and start using.

For support on Metrash2, residents can contact 24-hour call centre : 2342000.



  1. I had metrash2 in my mobile. unfortunately i forget the password . i tried with the usual passwords i am using but now metrash2 got blocked . how can i remove the block …please let me know ..


  2. Sadique Ali on

    My mobile number already registered in QID 2 week before but i dont get metrash2. Your mobile number is not registered in QID this message coming :( pls reply what i do

  3. hi,
    i have registered in metrash for one mobile no, and whats to add another mobile no. for the metrash services, is it possible under the same QID 2 mobile no. registration ?

  4. thisi is the same issue iam also facing
    i heard from others sim card must be older than one month
    iam not sure is it true or

  5. I have mtrash on my mobile and i recieve a msg from metrash2 a part 1 and part 2 the my problem is how to enter a code from part 1 and part 2 the box allowed only is 4 number

  6. Saiful Islam on

    hi i m in now bangladesh as canceled,so how to use my mobile number with qid as old?i lost my qatari licence,now i need copy of my driving licence?b coz i want to entry qatar that difficult it as copy of driving licence,,pls i need ans.

  7. Saiful Islam on

    unfortunately i have no copy of my driving licence ,but i have qid no. as same no. of driving licence and also have expire date of my driving licence,do any body help me????

  8. Manjit Singh on

    I have registered my mobile number on Qatar id still it is 21 days over but metrash2 shows that your no is not registered on Qatar id

  9. Adnan Akbar on

    I have registered my number with QID since two weeks now. but it is showing that my number is not registered with your QID. My number is 33090983. Please do the needfull.

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