Revealed : These are the best Indian schools in Dubai

This post was originally published on 21 February 2016 and the content may be outdated.

Seven Indian schools in Dubai have improved their overall performance during the academic year 2015-2016, the latest Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) inspection results of Indian schools in Dubai revealed.

According to the overall inspection results, Indian curriculum schools in Dubai have been showing significant improvements in performance.

Outstanding schools

Of the 29 Indian curriculum schools inspected in Dubai, two have been rated outstanding, three very good, 11 good, 11 acceptable and two were found to be weak.

GEMS Modern Academy and The Indian High School are the only two schools in the report who’ve been given an outstanding rating for the fifth consecutive time. Three schools – Delhi Private School, GEMS Our Own English High School, and the Millennium School have shown considerable improvement and are now in the ‘Very Good’ category.

Complete List of Schools


  • GEMS Modern Academy
  • The Indian High School

Very Good

  • Delhi Private School
  • GEMS Our Own English High School
  • The Millennium School


  • Rajagiri International School Dubai
  • Our Own High School
  • JSS International School LLC
  • JSS Private School LLC
  • GEMS Our Own Indian School
  • The Kindergarten Starters
  • Ambassador School LLC
  • Ambassador Kindergarten LLC
  • GEMS New Millennium School LLC
  • Springdales School LLC


  • Elite English School
  • Emirates English Speaking School
  • Gulf Indian High School
  • New Indian Model School
  • The Central School
  • Buds Public School
  • Little Flowers English School
  • The Indian International School
  • The Indian Academy
  • Delhi Private School Academy LLC

NOTE : Three schools, which opened in the last two years, were not inspected this year.

Indian curriculum schools in Dubai, at a glance

  • Total number of Indian curriculum schools: 32
  • Number of students in the 32 Indian curriculum schools: 78,716
  • Number of Indian curriculum schools inspected this academic year: 29
  • Number of students in the 29 Indian curriculum schools: 77,431
  • New Indian curriculum schools not yet inspected: 3
  • Number of Indian curriculum schools inspected for the first time this academic year: 4
  • Number of students in the 32 Indian curriculum schools as a percentage of the total number of students in all private schools in Dubai: 30%
  • Number of teachers in Indian curriculum schools: 4,613

Rating levels defined

Key findings

A total of seven schools have improved their overall rating compared to last year; with three schools moving from good to very good while four schools improved from acceptable to good. None of the Indian curriculum schools declined in their overall judgements.

  • 67% per cent (52,144) of students attending 29 schools get good or better quality education
  • The average student-teacher ratio in Dubai is 17:1
  • Six schools have improved facilities for special-needs children
  • There are 32 schools offering Indian curriculum, which have 78,716 students
  • Provision for students’ health and safety is good or better in 85% of schools
  • 86% of schools now enjoy good or outstanding links with parents and their local community
  • Most schools were ensuring that students were better prepared to take the PISA and TIMSS tests only a few schools were successfully developing students’ research skills and use of learning technologies.

Eligible to increase fee

GEMS Modern Academy and The Indian High School are now eligible to increase their fees by 6.42 per cent after receiving an ‘outstanding’ rating — based on the new Education Cost Index (ECI), which has risen from 2.92 per cent last year to 3.21 per cent.

Based on the new ECI, schools rated ‘outstanding’ in the next inspection results — due in April or May — can increase their fees by 6.42 per cent (double the ECI).

Schools rated ‘very good’ can increase their fees by 5.62 per cent (1.75 per cent of the ECI), schools rated ‘good’ can increase their fees by 4.82 per cent (1.5 per cent of the ECI), while schools rated ‘acceptable’ or ‘unacceptable’ can increase their fees by 3.21 per cent.

The ECI is calculated annually by the Dubai Statistics Centre, which takes into account the consumer price index and school operation costs, including remuneration, rent and utilities.


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