Sand storm: 200 tons of sand removed from Qatar roads

About 220 tons of sand dust has so far been removed by authorities from Ras Laffan road, the most affected road with sandstorms across the country reports The Peninsula.

After a week of strong winds of up to 50kph whipping up the sand and dust into the air and on to the roads, the municipality sand removal trucks were busy cleaning them up.

Other roads where huge amounts of sand have been collected include Al Zakhira road, where about 12 tons of sand were removed.

Teams from the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning were co-operating with security units in the north to remove the sand.

Major traffic jams have also been reported along most roads in the north especially in the evening rush hours.

Police have advised motorists to take the necessary precautions due to poor visibility, and mariners to avoid going to the rough seas.

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