Saudi family takes care of paralyzed maid for 19 years

A Saudi family took care of a housemaid for 19 years after she was diagnosed with paralysis, Saudi Gazette reported citing Al-Madina newspaper.

Salah Al-Syoufi said he has been taking care of his Ethiopian maid for 19 years after she was diagnosed with paralysis. “It was the wish of the maid to stay and die under my roof that led to me and my family care for this maid,” he said.

“The story of my maid boggles me even today. I had a friend who recruited an Ethiopian to work for them. The maid came to them and after only a few months under the sponsorship of my friend she was diagnosed with triplegia, paralysis of three limbs,” said Al-Syoufi.

He added the maid was paralyzed in both her legs and her right arm.

“Her sponsor paid her medical bill but her treatment was ongoing. Her sponsor asked for my help and I began to pay, along with him, her treatment cost. After months, when her visa was about to expire, her sponsor said he had no desire to renew her work visa,” said Al-Syoufi.

Al-Syoufi revealed that it was at this moment when the maid asked to see him and his family, and they went to visit her at the hospital.

“The maid pleaded with us to transfer her sponsorship under me and asked me to take care of her fully. My wife and I, following a brief discussion, agreed and did the paperwork needed and I have been taking care of her medically ever since. My wife has been taking care of her and responding to her needs,” said Al-Syoufi.

He added that his wife would feed her, bathe her and help her get dressed as if the maid was her own sister.

“The maid lives with us in our house and it is her wish to stay with us until she dies. Many would see this as a burden but the act of kindness towards her has given us much more happiness than we have given her. We used to live in a small rented apartment and now we own a villa and a whole apartment building,” said Al-Syoufi.

He also said taking care of the maid has given them countless blessings and has turned their life positively.

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  1. May you and your family be blessed always. Its difficult to gaze at the sky to find a shooting star to wish for a miracle. But hearts like you will be honored by the Lord.

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