Saudi man travels to UAE to help release Indian prisoner

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A Saudi man traveled all the way to Abu Dhabi to help release an Indian, whose parents work for his family in the northwestern Saudi city of Hail, from prison, reported.

Indian national Ali had been jailed for around two months after getting into a fight with a colleague at his workplace. His parents, Yassine and Anisa, haven’t heard from him since then.

Worried about her son, Anisa asked her Saudi sponsor, Ayada Khodeir al-Rammali for help, who accepted and traveled to Abu Dhabi to see what he can do.

“I went with my cousin to Abu Dhabi to find Ali. We did not know which prison he was at. We first asked at the Musaffah Police Station but they could not help us. So we sought information at a prison which is 30 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi but we did not find Ali there. After inquiring more, we learnt he was imprisoned at a remand prison,” Rammali told

“We went there and we found him. He was detained following a fight with a Pakistani colleague at the contracting company where they work,” Rammali said. As Rammali followed the case of Ali’s release, the Pakistanis worker also dropped the charges against Ali.

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Rammali took all measures to get Ali out the jail. He met the concerned security authorities and informed them about Ali.

Rammali praises the UAE security authorities and local people.

Published on 13 February 2017

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