School roads hit by frequent traffic jams


With scores of developmental projects, especially for road construction and upgrade works, being implemented simultaneously, the movement of traffic in Doha and its suburbs is increasingly becoming an uphill battle.

Frequent traffic jams for long hours, especially during peak times (morning and evening), has become the common reason for missing appointments and late reporting in offices.

Abu Hamour, Mamoura, 22-February Road, Madinat Khalifa (South), Al Markhiya, Al Wakra and Television roundabout, roads leading to industrial area, are some of the places which have been identified witnessing the worst traffic jams,  according to a latest survey conducted by Al Sharq.

The daily reported that traffic diversion and road closures to make way for various infrastructure projects such as metro have further aggravated the situation in areas that usually remain crowded during normal days.

The report has also identified specific reasons for traffic jams in different areas of the city. For instance, Abu Hamour area, where more than a dozen schools are located, faces one of the worst traffic jams almost throughout the day due to the movement of a huge fleet of buses and private cars dropping and picking children to schools twice a day.

Some citizens, to reduce the number of private vehicles from the road, have even suggested making the use of bus services mandatory for children who come in private cars, as one bus can replace up to 50 cars.

Al Wakra area is also facing huge traffic jams. The population of the city has grown manifolds, while the infrastructure has witnessed very little expansion.  The report said that relatively cheaper housing rentals are one of the important reasons for the rapid growth of population in the area. And the ongoing construction projects in the area have further increased the movement of vehicles significantly.

Although the traffic department has taken necessary steps such as deploying police personnel in pre-identified places to ensure smooth movement of traffic, but due to the unprecedented increase in the flow of traffic things just go beyond imagination.

Source : The Peninsula

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