Schools in Qatar await ministry approval to increase tuition fees

This post was originally published on 19 February 2017 and the content may be outdated.

Many private schools in Qatar, including Indian schools, are awaiting the approval of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to raise their tuition fees, Qatar Tribune has reported.

The schools say the fee hike is justified as their expenses are growing and they have to maintain the quality of education as an increased number of students are seeking admission in their institutions.

When the number of students increases, the school’s administration is forced to increase facilities and that always comes at an additional expense.

Some of the Indian schools in Qatar catering to the large Indian expatriate population in the country are also seeking a raise in tuition fee.

Ideal Indian School (IIS) Principal Syed Shoukath Ali and Doha Modern Indian School (DMIS) Principal Rakesh Singh Tomar said that their schools have applied for a tuition fee increase from the ministry. Both principals stressed that their schools’ efforts in improving the quality of education by introducing modern technologies and facilities contributed to the need for a raise in tuition fee.

“We have installed more than 100 LED smart boards to maintain pace with the latest methods of imparting education to students. We need to hike fees to keep introducing such latest technologies in our school,” explained the IIS principal.

DMIS Principal Rakesh Singh Tomar also confirmed that the school had applied for a fee hike from the next academic session.

“DMIS has invested a lot to introduce new technologies to upgrade quality of education in the school in the last one year. We have always maintained the same number of students in a class as directed by the ministry. We need to increase the fee to meet our rising expenses,” he said.

A senior official at DPS-MIS said: “Schools need to raise their fees to meet growing expenses. The management might have applied for a fee hike, but we are not aware of it.”

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