SEC bans private schools from selling uniforms


The Supreme Education Council (SEC) has banned all private schools and kindergartens in Qatar from getting involved in the sale and distribution of school uniforms.

The ban goes beyond preventing schools from selling uniforms in their premises. They cannot have tie ups with specific shops or suppliers dealing in uniforms with an intention to make financial gains or promote their business interests.

SEC has issued a circular to all the private schools and kindergartens asking them to give full freedom to students and parents in the purchase of uniforms.  Parents should be free to buy uniforms from any source they prefer. The decision will be in force from the current (2014-2015) academic year, according to the circular.

  • The move apparently is intended to break an existing nexus between some schools and business outlets in the sale of school uniforms.
  • The schools can neither sell the uniform in their campus nor ask the students/parents to buy it from any particular place or shop.

Uniform colors and school logo

  • The circular says that school should also choose uniforms with common colours that are easily available in the market.
  • They cannot prescribe complicated shades or special quality material for the uniform forcing parents to buy it from exclusive dealers.
  • The school logo should be made available separately to be fixed on the uniform.

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