SEC rejects school’s request for re-registration fees


The Supreme Education Council (SEC) has forced a private school to cancel its decision to impose “re-registration” fee on students, a local Arabic daily reported yesterday.

The SEC has clarified that no school is permitted to impose registration fee more than once. The fee is charged while enrolling the student for the first time and it should not be repeated at any excuse, said the daily.

The school reportedly asked students who are already on its rolls to pay QR 2,887 as fee for “re-registration” for the coming academic year (2015-2016). It sent text messages to the parents in this regard.

Several parents lodged complaints with the SEC seeking a reversal of the decision. The SEC promptly responded and asked the school to cancel its decision within 24 hours and inform the parents accordingly, said the daily.

As per the SEC rules, all private schools are required to take permission from the SEC before announcing any fee hike or imposing any additional fee.

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  1. Un Happy Parent on

    MES Indian School has also started collectng similar fees in the guise of Special fee, when challenged, I was told this is registration fee. Will SEC take some action and return the money to the parents ? and Will SEC warn the schools from such a practice.

    Moreover the MES school has started collecting the fees for 4 months at a time. Many of the parents cannot afford to pay the fees for 4 months in a single shot. When this was also questioned, the fees collector was very rude to some of the parents who questioned him about the new rule, and pointed to the notice board and said please read the notice board, this is SEC imposed rule. Also he said that this notice was issued to the parents, which I never recieved. I am a parent though.

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