Sheikh Mohammad goes to meet the girl who mimicked him

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HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has met the six-year-old girl who mimicked one of his speeches in a video that has gone viral.

Sheikh Mohammad visited the home of Mahra Ahmad Al Shehi in Sharjah on Friday.

On Thursday, Sheikh Mohammad retweeted a video of a little Emirati girl mimicking one of the sentences he previously said in a speech, and expressed his desire to meet her.

“This little girl impressed me, God bless her. I want to visit her, does anyone know who she is?” said Sheikh Mohammad’s tweet.

A huge number of people interacted with the Sheikh Mohammad tweet and guided him to her name and her house in Sharjah.

After the meeting, Sheikh Mohammed also tweeted about his meeting with the little viral star, calling her the “queen of children”:

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“With my daughter Muhra Al Shehi – an emirati angel and the queen of children,” he tweeted in Arabic.

Meanwhile, the family of the girl described the visit of Sheikh Mohammad to their house as a historical visit, and they said they could not describe the moments of happiness when Sheikh Mohammad decided to meet their little girl.

Mahra’s mother, Maraim Al Shurafa, told Gulf News that she was shocked when she received a call from the office of His Highness and was informed about the visit.

“Really I did not even knew that His Highness noticed the video,” she said.

“When I informed Mahra that Sheikh Mohammad would visit her, she jumped and hugged me. She was very happy, she kept asking when he would visit, what time he would come.”

Referring to her daughter’s small size, she said it is due to a liver condition that has affected her growth. but this has only made Mahra more determined to distinguish herself.

“I’m now even more motivated to make Muhra and her siblings stand out. Muhra already stands out in her intelligence and outgoing personality that she sometimes shocks me,” the mother told Khaleej Times.

“Now I’m sure that giving selflessly to my kids and family and society in general will never go to waste. And that’s what I try to pass on to my children – to give selflessly,” she added.

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Mahra is a Grade 1 student at the Sharjah Model School for Girls and excels in her studies. She is also a member of a volunteer association, and has participated in a number of volunteer projects across the country.

Mahra has Instagram account which her family set up on May 31 this year, and she has 65,000 followers.

- Published on 29 October 2016 - Photos : Dubai Media Office

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