SMS to replace printed report for vehicle inspection in Qatar

Fahes, the vehicle inspection arm of Woqod, has stopped issuing inspection reports on paper, replacing it with a text message to vehicle owners notifying the inspection result and a link to see the report online, The Peninsula has reported.

Instead of paper reports, all inspection results are now sent via SMS TEXT to the registered phone number with a printable link in Arabic/English.

Until recently, Fahes used to issue a printed report in case the vehicle fails the test.

If the vehicle passes both the tests- legal and technical — it was to be directed to the traffic department for completing further.

The new move is helping save the time of vehicle owners by 15 to 30 minutes as they are no more required to wait for inspection reports to know if the vehicles have passed or failed in the technical inspection.

All Fahes centres have a help desk for those who do not have smart phone and those who insist on getting paper reports. They also issue paper receipts for the service payment.

The electronic copy of the report is almost similar to the one that was given in print earlier. However, some details are mentioned in the electronic report only if the vehicles failed on that point. Earlier, these points were mentioned in the paper reports even if no repairs were needed.

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