Some tips and tricks with VLC media player to learn


The VLC media player is available in different platforms to those who often stay on their monitors to listen to songs and watch movies. It can be used in several platforms, including Android, Mac, and Windows, among others.

It has been designed with many features that provide users easy to use options and such a smooth working interface. For newbies with VLC media player, there are a lot of things that should be understood to enable them to use it easily. To be among the power users around for the vlc 64 bit download, there are tips and tricks to learn how to use the VLC media player.

Playing YouTube videos using this media

In this category, the YouTube video player has been considered the best player at large. This player has been created with all the vital options that users might need. Everything here can be managed with ease right from the playing speeds to fast forward among others.

For our topic today, let’s assume that you ignore that you don’t want to watch your videos on this platform website and now you try it out with the VLC media player, below are steps to take you through the entire process.

Begin this by going to the platform website and copy the video link. Follow by opening VLC and click on media and then open network stream on the page that will be displayed. Your YouTube link should be pasted in the corresponding empty box and finish by clicking the play button. You would have completed this, and within some moments, your video will start streaming. But then, all this will depend on the speed of your internet connection also.

Use VLC media player to capture video screenshot

Some individuals would like to capture some video screenshots after they come across a beautiful one. This is common to those who watch tourist department videos, travel videos, or drone shots. If you’re the kind of people who require capturing such images and you want to get them quickly, there are different ways you can make it happen.

You can consider using some designed dedicated capture tools like for instance the Snagit or also use an inbuilt VLC media player method. This media has been created with an inbuilt screen capturing tool to enable you to get through the process. To begin this, you should start by playing your favorite video and follow by selecting the time you will like to capture the video screenshot.

Use VLC to convert media files

Different reasons make us other times in need to convert some media files we have. Among the reasons, we do this is whenever a particular format seems not to be compatible with your device and many other reasons that might contribute to those happenings.

There are different methods media files can be converted to suit the end-user. You can consider doing this by either the dedicated converter app or VLC media player. But then, if you consider using VLC media player for this task, there is no need for any third-party software to complete the project. Below are steps to follow to achieve this;

You need to start by opening the VLC media player and follow to click at media and then save/convert on the page that will follow. Here is where you will add the media file you intend to convert by clicking the add button and follow the task by clicking Convert and save respectively.

After you have done all this, it’s time you should choose your favorable output format, often referred to as the Profile and follow by selecting a preferred destination to save the file. You are almost there; end the session by clicking on the start button. Your files will be converted in a few minutes.

Use VLC to cut videos

For those who considers coming up with some small clips of something beautiful they have watched and transfer the clip somewhere else, you are the right platform to learn this. A lot of video cutting apps exist on the web readily available for this task, but still, you can use the VLC media player also.

There is nothing you will require while using VLC since this media player has inbuilt video cutting options with it. All your favorite videos can be recorded select the start time, and the time you would like to cut it accordingly.

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