Stayed out of Qatar for 6 months? Now Metrash 2 can help you return


Expatriates seeking a “return visa” for people under personal sponsorship who have stayed out of the country for more than six months can now apply online or through Metrash 2, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said yesterday.

This is among the three new online services launched by the General Directorate of Borders, Passports and Expatriates Affairs at the ministry on January 17.

They can be accessed through Metrash2 mobile application and MoI web portal, the ministry said on its Twitter account.

One month validity

The return visa will be issued for those who have a valid residence permit (RP). It will have one month validity, which means the visa holder can enter the country in one month after issuance of the return visa, explained the ministry.

This will simplify the procedures for many expatriates who earlier had to visit a MoI services centre to get the visas of their wives and children renewed, if they had stayed out of Qatar for more than six months.

The return visas normally had a validity of two weeks, which has now been extended to one month. This service carries a fee of QR500 per person.

Passport details can be modified online

Passport details of a foreigner can now be modified online if the person holds a valid entry visa to Qatar and his passport was lost or damaged.

There are cases in which a visa holder lose or damage his/her passport before entering Qatar.

In such cases, the sponsor or employer can update the passport details online by adding the new passport number and expiry date, the ministry explained.

Now possible to close and open visa online

In the case of expatriates holding two visas — one existing and another new— it is now possible to close one visa and open the other online using Metrash2 or MoI e-services, after paying the service charges.

It is no more required to visit a services centre for this purpose, said the ministry.


  1. hi! return exit permit should be apply upon one month before the person will travel or you need to apply after completing the 6 months stayed out of qatar. RP is valid until April 2017 so in this case when i can able to apply her return permit.

  2. Hi.. my wife is outside Qatar for more than 6 months-9 months for delivery. She is having family visa. I am planning to bring her and new born baby using return visa by December. Can u confirm whether my baby is eligible for on arrival visa??

  3. Good Day! I have already Return Permit for my Son issued here in qatar immigration, I want to ask if it is required to stamp in Qatar Embassy in the Philippines? also medical exam is required? Thanks!

    • Hi Junior, Usually Embassy Stamping and Medical exam is only required for first time visitors only. If your son is on a Return Permit (still on Residence Visa), then it won’t be needed. However, please check with Philippines Embassy as we are not sure about the procedure in Philippines airport.

  4. My son is out of Qatar from 7months,he want to come to qatar in end of April but his Residence permit will expire in end of March.
    We want to extend his residence permit before 7months ago but I think it’s not possible so what we do now? Bfor march end can we extend his Residence permit with him or his original passport bcozhis original passport with him n he was out of Qatar.

  5. Hi My wife is outside country for more than 9 months. I cannot use Metrash for return permit. What is the next step to follow??

  6. Assalamo alaikum, i am going for vacation this march for 45days, can i request a return permit for my family who is more than six months outside doha even if i am in the philippines?

  7. Hi junior is the stamping of resident return permit at phil embassy required? Or print out presentation is enough thanks!

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