Strong winds, cooler weather predicted for four days


Qatar is expected to be affected by yet another spell of unstable weather and sandstorm from tomorrow night until early Tuesday afternoon.

According to a special forecast of the Meteorology Department, cooler, northwesterly wind may move at speeds of 31 to 50 kilometre an hour inshore during the above period. The wind may at times be so strong that it may gather speeds of up to 65 kilometre an hour.

The northerly wind will lead to a drop in temperature. Day temperatures would likely be between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius and night mercury levels would be between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius in Doha and lower in southern areas of the country.

Visibility will be affected due to dusty weather and open areas may especially have poor visibility of up to two km, according to the weather bureau.

The weather condition is a result of the Indian seasonal low south of Iran extending to the Gulf area with high pressure over northwest of Saudi Arabia.

The weather condition will continue from tomorrow night and would last until early Tuesday afternoon

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