Summer to be hotter than usual across the Gulf


This summer could be hotter than usual across the Gulf countries, East and South Africa and Asia, due to the El Nino climatic phenomenon that causes a disturbance in natural life in the tropical region of Pacific Ocean.

The region may also see a prolonged summer this year extending beyond September.

A warning in this regard was issued by Qatar Meteorology Department, based on an alert from the Australian Meteorological department.

El Nino is described as a rise in the surface temperature of Pacific Ocean due to a complex series of factors relating to the atmosphere and oceans extending to Arabian Sea.

This phenomenon, which may extend until September this year, has happened in 1997-1998, and in 2009-2010.

The disturbances caused by El Nino could lead to droughts in some areas, and floods in others such as the Southern US and Southern America, the Met Office added.

Researches indicate that El Nino will become stronger as the temperature increases over our planet, said the department.

Meanwhile, the strong dust winds that lashed the country over the past two days is expected to continue today. Temperature in Doha would hover between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.

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