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No more visits to Traffic Department after car accidents

Motorists involved in traffic accidents in Qatar will no longer be required to visit the traffic department to collect documents for repair. Instead the documents are passed on to the responsible insurance company. Usually this is the insurer of the party who has caused the accident. This is possible as General Directorate of Traffic has entered into an agreement with motor insurance companies to establish an electronic link between them, a statement issued by the Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior said yesterday. How the new system works Details of an accident such reference number, and the number of the vehicle to be repaired as also what damages have been caused that need to be fixed, will be sent to insurance companies through an electronic link. This report will be based on the analysis of the situation by the traffic patrol at the accident scene. Meanwhile, the person involved in the accident will get a…

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Road accident procedures in Qatar

No one wants to be part of a road accident. But it is always best to be informed on how to act and react if you ever get involved in a vehicle accident, no matter how minor.  Read below all the necessary information that you should know regarding the police, the paperwork and the procedures. Case A : Minor Accident – Both parties agree on who is at fault If both parties agree, you can move the vehicle to the side of the road in order not to block traffic. Call the police and wait for them to arrive (Failure to comply could result in a penalty). Follow step 2 (below). Case B : Minor Accident – Both parties agree on who is at fault and meet later Exchange phone numbers with the other party. Take down their name, license number. Make an arrangement with the other driver to meet at the police station. Follow step…

Accident procedures to be simplified

An electronic device to simplify procedures after accidents will be introduced at all traffic departments in a month’s time, reported Al Watan. Officials from the General Directorate of Traffic said the tablet would help in completing post-accident procedures at the accident site itself, before the individuals involved in the accident can leave the scene. The tablet was unveiled by the General Directorate of Information System of Ministry of Interior at the just-concluded Milipol Qatar 2014. According to sources from the traffic department, the feature-rich device will allow the traffic police to complete the procedures at the scene of the accident itself. This means that the parties involved in the accident need not go to the police station. The data will be recorded and the cars will be photographed on the spot itself. A receipt will be sent to the car owners either by e-mail or via SMS. If an individual…