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Qatar may exclude more job categories from driving licence

Qatar’s Traffic Department may soon declare more job categories as ineligible for light-vehicle licences, The Peninsula has reported citing a senior official. The new restriction will be in addition to existing list of 180+ jobs already banned from having the licence. The measure is being done as part of a national strategy to address traffic congestion, the senior official at General Directorate of Traffic Department told the newspaper. “Currently, the demand of driving licence is very high and there are many categories of jobs which will be banned from getting car driving licence,” the official reportedly said. “The department is waiting for the completion of mega urban projects and once they like roads and bridges are completed, the department can relax the policy,” the official added. Categories of jobs that may be banned According to the official, the categories of jobs which could be banned in near future included jobs…

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List of professions not eligible to apply for driving licence in Qatar

The following is the unofficial translation of the list of professions not eligible to apply for the Qatari driving licence (in alphabetical order), as announced by the Traffic Department : AC Technician Agricultural Worker Air Cargo Worker Animal Caretaker Assistant Builder Bakery Worker Baking Mixer Bar Keeper Barber Beautician Beauty Saloon Worker Blacksmith Boat Carpenter Bricks Builder Builder Butcher Calligraphy Technician Carrier Ceramic Worker Civil Technician Concrete Blacksmith Connections Technician Construction Carpenter Construction Technician Cook Cook’s Assistant Cosmetologist Crusher Machine Operator Curtain Installer Curtain Upholstery Worker Décor Carpenter Decoration Technician Designing Technician Digger Electric Welder Embroider Falafel Maker Farmer Financial Services Worker Fisherman Fodder Worker Furniture Upholstery Worker Gardener Gate Guard General Carpenter General Electrician General Equipment Mechanic General Manufacturing Worker General Typing Glass Installer Glass Technician Goldsmith Grave Digger Grocery Worker Gypsum Worker Henna Maker Herdsman Horse Hostler Horse Trainer Hotel Service Worker Ice Maker Industrial Service Worker Installation Electrician Installation Technician Irrigation Worker Jeweller Juice Maker Kebab Maker Key Technician Labourer Land Shipment Worker Lathing Worker Laundry Worker Lift Electrician Lift Worker Machine Operator Maintenance Technician Manufacturing Worker Marble Technician Massage Worker Meat Mechanic Mechanical Technician Metal-Casting Technician Milkman Mining Technician Mixer Operator Nanny Newspaper Vendor Nutrition Worker Oxygen Welder Packing And Grinding Worker Painter Pastry Maker Pipes Welder Plaster Technician Plaster Worker Plumber Plumber Assistant Porter Prayer Caller (Moazin) Rescue Worker Sailor Sea Shipment Worker Security Guard Servant Service Worker Shawarma And Sandwich Griller Shepherd…

Qatar bans 80 more job categories from securing driving licences

Qatar’s General Directorate of Traffic at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has banned 80 more job categories from getting driving licences. According to a report on The Peninsula, these jobs are added to the already 150 plus list which includes a number of professions. The job categories that are barred from securing a driving licence include grocer, newspaper vendor, barber, servant, cosmetologist, security guard, porter, shepherd, butcher, tailor, goldsmith, agricultural worker, decoration technician, mining technician, beautician, mechanic etc. The Directorate has banned such jobs from having driving licence saying that it will help reduce traffic congestion. Related : List of professions not eligible to apply for driving licence in Qatar “We received the new list last month and we fear it will reduce the number of people seeking new driving licenses. We will come to know about the actual impact, when we compare the current month (September) with previous months”,…

Qatar’s new automated driving tests see increase in pass rates

After Qatar’s Traffic Department has completely automated the Parking and L tests for getting a driving licence, there has been no room for any complaint of unfairness in evaluation from trainees, media reports say. A number of driving school operators, instructors and trainees have opined that the process could be considered 100% fair and there was no room for subjective evaluation. How the new system works The new system is based on land sensors and surveillance cameras inside the vehicle used for the test and outside it. The whole process throughout the test is recorded. If the trainee is successful in the tests, he or she would be cleared for the next step, the road test. However, if the trainee could not show his mastery over the manoeuvers, the land sensors would give a loud beep, indicating that he has failed in the attempt. The success rates of the Parking and L…

10 countries that let you drive with an Indian licence

Getting a license in the Gulf countries may be a tough task for many. Even those with years of experience in India, struggle to pass the driving tests in GCC. While Indian license may not be accepted in Gulf countries, there are many countries like US, UK and Australia, where you can drive with an Indian license, at least for a short period. Here are 10 countries that let you drive with an Indian license: Related Stories How to get an International Driving License in Qatar 10 beautiful visa-friendly countries for Indians 7 must-know changes to Qatar’s driving license policy

Qatar driving license : Rules relaxed for GCC licence holders from some countries

Expatriates holding driver’s licence from other GCC states can go directly for road test to be eligible to obtain a Qatari driver’s licence, The Peninsula has reported. However, this privilege is only available to licence-holders from the US and some European countries as well, said a senior official of a driving school. For the road test an aspirant is given only two chances to clear it. The old rule which allowed licence-holders from other GCC countries to get their licences directly converted into Qatari licence is done away with. Rule not applicable to countries like India The rule regarding driving licenses from countries other than those cited above hasn’t changed. One must join a learner’s course at a driving school and take the full test if he holds driver’s license from one of such countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, for instance. More demand for heavy vehicle licenses…

Qatar residents with valid GCC license can take direct tests

Qatar residents who hold valid GCC driving licence can still take the direct test, sources from a number of driving schools in Doha have said. The rule applies to all nationalities, including drivers of heavy vehicle such as trailers, a supervisor from a leading driving school told Gulf Times. However, residents whose GCC driving licence had expired will no longer be accepted for direct test. If the license has expired, the only option for them is to enroll on a half or full driving course in any driving school just like other categories of workers. Those who are eligible for the direct test are advised to submit the needed documents to the Traffic Department. GCC licenses cannot be directly converted Sources also reiterated the Traffic Department’s recent announcement that converting a driving licence issued in other GCC countries is prohibited under the new rule. New recruits mostly from Saudi Arabia and…

Traffic violations to be recorded against driver’s Qatar ID number

The Qatar ID number of the motorist involved should be noted down while registering traffic violations, according to a circular issued by the Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior. In case of a traffic violation, the driver should be stopped first and the offence should be recorded against his ID number, not against the registration number of the vehicle. According to media reports,  the decision has been taken to ensure that the offender is the person driving the vehicle at the time of the violation, who may or may not be the owner of the car. Vehicle owners often go to the Traffic Department with the complaint that they were issued violations even though they were not driving at the time of the offence or were outside the country, the report adds. Not applicable to all violations Some violations, though, have been excluded from the purview of the new…

Only GCC citizens can convert drivers’ licences in Qatar: Report

Qatar’s Traffic Department has issued a directive to stop converting drivers’ licences of expatriates from other GCC countries into Qatari licences, Arabic newspaper Al Sharq has reported. Earlier license holders from other GCC countries were able to convert their licenses, provided they met with the required criteria and skills. As per the new reports, this privilege will now be available to only GCC citizens. According to a report on The Peninsula, the Traffic Department has sent a circular to all sections concerned in this regard. No more direct tests for Asian-African license holders The report says that department has also decided to stop direct driving tests for holders of licences issued in several Asian and African countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Egypt, Somalia, Mauritania, Sudan, Ghana, Eritrea, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, China and North Korea. To obtain a drivers licence, they will be required to take…

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7 must-know changes to Qatar’s driving license policy

Determined to make Qatar’s roads safer, the Traffic Department has introduced a number of changes to driving license system and are planning a few more. Here are 7 changes that you need to know : 1. Unified driving curriculum The Traffic Department has finalised a unified driving curriculum and it will be introduced in all driving schools. Prepared by experts in the road traffic field, the revised curriculum will address the shortcomings in the existing one. All driving schools have been asked to provide interpreters to explain the points mentioned in the new curriculum and the traffic law to learners who come from different countries. 2. Road test after passing theory test only No trainee will be allowed to take a road test unless he passes the theory test based on information provided in the new curriculum. 3. You need to know the basics of automobiles In addition to driving skills and traffic…

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