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Eligibility for permanent residency in Qatar explained in new law

Qatar Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has officially issued Law No. 10 of the year 2018, pertaining to the issue of permanent residency, QNA reported. The law is now in effect and will soon be published in the official gazette. Here are the conditions to grant permanent residency: Article 1 If a candidate is born outside Qatar, he/she should have completed 20 years of stay in the country on a legal ordinary residency permit. For those who were born in Qatar, this period has been limited to 10 years. The duration of residency should be consecutive and prior to the date of submission of the application for permanent residency permit. The residency of an applicant in the county should not be interrupted by staying outside Qatar for more than 60 days in a year. The duration of stay out of the country will be deducted from the balance…

Qatar Ministry urges residents to always carry their ID card

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has urged all residents in Qatar to carry their identity cards at all times as it is the only proof of identity and proof of valid residency. The MoI highlighted the importance of showing the ID cards at the request of authorities. Lost cards should be reported If lost inside or outside of Qatar it must be reported to the General Directorate of Passports and get lost ID card replaced. “Losing an ID card outside of the country makes it harder for the resident to return unless the authorities issue a Return Permit for resident,” Brigadier Nasser Jaber al-Attiyah, Assistant Director of the General Directorate of Passports, said. Article No15 of the Law states that “in the event that his (resident) passport, travel document, or residency permit is lost or damaged, the foreign national shall inform the competent authorities immediately after he learns that it has…

Qatar informs all countries, airlines about new Residence Cards

Qatar has informed all countries as well as airlines around the world about the introduction of Residence Cards and asked them to consider the card as proof of the holder’s residence permit in the country. “To be sure, the airline staff can verify the validity and other details of the residence permit of the passenger through Qatar’s Interior Ministry website (,” a senior official said, ruling out the possibility of expatriates facing any difficulty while checking in at foreign airports. The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has decided to do away with affixing residence permit (RP) stickers in passports from June 15 and start issuing Residence Cards in its place, it was announced on Monday. Of the same size and type as the present identity card, the new card will have the same fee as that of the RP. The card will serve the dual purpose of identity card as well…

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Qatar’s New Residence Card : Top Questions and Answers

[UPDATED : 26 February 2016] In June 2015, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior announced that it will discontinue affixing Residence Permit sticker in expatriate passports. Instead of RP stickers, the new Residence Permit card will be used as travel document as well identity proof. Considering that this would be new move affecting all expatriates in Qatar, is trying to answer some of your possible questions, based on information provided by Ministry of Interior. 1. Will I still have RP sticker in my passport ? No, the new residence card will replace residence permit stickers in the passports as well the existing ID card. The RP card will be the only document that proves the identity of the expatriate resident in Qatar as well his valid residence in Qatar. 2. When is this being implemented ? The new system will be implemented starting Monday, 15 June 2015. It will be implemented gradually by issuing new residence cards for first time…

Expatriates will soon have sticker-free Residence Permits

The Ministry of Interior is expected to begin issuing sticker-free residency permits (RPs) to expatriate workers and their family members soon. No stickers will be stamped on the passports of expatriate workers and their dependents staying with them if they are issued RP or their RP is being renewed. A pilot project launched by the ministry awhile ago on an experimental basis to assess the feasibility of the new system has turned out to be successful. Following the project, authorities have given their nod for the issuance and renewal of sticker-free RPs to expatriates and their families. The new RP issuance and renewal system is expected to be implemented “within days”, Al Sharq reported yesterday, quoting sources. The RP section of the expatriate affairs unit at the Immigration Department issues some 7,500 RPs daily, including  an estimated 5,000 renewed ones. All offices of the department, including its headquarters, branches and…

Qatar waives RP cancellation fee for expatriates

Qatar’s Ministry of Interior has decided not to charge a fee for the cancellation of residency permits (RPs) of expatriates, The Peninsula reports. The ministry levied QR60 as RP cancellation charges. Naturally, no fee will be charged for cancelling the RP of deceased expatriates as well. The State Cabinet yesterday approved a draft decision of the Ministry of Interior to amend certain provisions of its Decision (No. 19 of 2007) organising the fees for the services provided by the Ministry, including some certificates it issues, reports Qatar News Agency (QNA).