Travel Guide: Top 5 things to consider when traveling abroad

When it comes to traveling outside of your home country, it’s extremely important to be well prepared and organized before embarking on your travels, rather than enduring the stress of having to figure things out as you go.

While planning a trip abroad can be a wonderful and exciting experience, it can also be chaotic and hectic. Between booking flights, creating travel itineraries, securing accommodations, and the general stress of navigating a foreign country, it’s easy to forget important components along the way.

International Travelers Checklist

Maintaining a travel checklist for your next long-distance journey is the best way to ensure that your health, safety, and financial necessities are covered. The top 5 most important considerations for international travelers planning a trip abroad are as follows:

1) Obtain multiple copies of all important documentation

Before embarking on your travels, it is important to make copies of all essential documents should anything get lost or stolen.
This may include (but not limited to) your passport, entry visa, driver’s license, and insurance policies. Travelers should plan to leave one copy with a family member at home and keep another in their luggage as back up.
In addition to making copies of essential documents, travelers should also check to make sure that all passports, visas, and I.D’s are up to date with the correct information to avoid any discrepancies at entry gates.

2) Protect yourself with travel medical insurance

While it’s easy to assume nothing bad will happen, the truth of the matter is, there are always going to be potential risks no matter where you travel and many of those risks are likely to be beyond anyone’s control.

Anything such as accidental injuries or illnesses can easily spoil your travel plans and being in a foreign country amongst an already stressful situation is likely to make things significantly more difficult and stressful as a whole.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that all travellers purchase a travel medical insurance policy to not only protect their health and well being but also their finances during their travels abroad.

Adequate protection under a travel insurance policy will reduce your out of pocket expenses should you need to visit a doctor or hospital during your travels.

In addition to coverage for expenses, it is also important to keep in mind that navigating a foreign healthcare system in the event of an emergency can be very difficult, in which case your travel insurance company can also assist in communicating with the doctor’s office or hospital to ensure you receive adequate coverage as well as help you with the claims process after the fact.

3) Get necessary vaccinations, fill essential prescriptions, and check general health

Before traveling abroad, it is important to do your research and find out what vaccinations are needed based on your destination.
Travelers should also make sure that they undergo a general check up and fill any necessary prescriptions prior to their trip to reduce the probability of any medical related surprises during their travels that could have possibly been avoided.

Bringing extra doses of necessary prescription medications is another recommendation in case of any travel delays or trip interruptions along the way.

4) Sort out your finances and obtain necessary currencies

Stocking your wallet before embarking on your travels is a great way to ensure that you are well prepared and organized. Be sure to obtain the necessary currencies, traveler’s checks, or prepaid cards prior to departure and make sure you also bring one or two credit cards with you as well.

Travellers should also consider contacting their bank to notify them of their travel plans to avoid any confusion that could result in having their accounts suspended due to suspected fraudulent charges. You can even transfer money overseas before your travel so that you can have local currency exchanged at a better rate.

5) Pack appropriately

Aside from the absolute necessities, do not bring valuables with you. Expensive items could attract thieves who prey on tourists. Should you need to bring certain valuables on your travels, make sure you keep them with you at all times, or at least locked safely in your hotel room.

It is also highly recommended that travelers do their research on the weather conditions of their destination (with current seasons in mind) prior to departure. Being well equipped with the appropriately clothing can save you a great deal of stress, discomfort, and even money upon arrival.

When it comes to traveling, planning ahead is always key and while even the simplest of items are easy to forget, a well put together checklist will likely save you time, money, and peace of mind, sending you on your way to your final destination without a worry in the world.

Ensuring that you are well protected from the unexpected begins with finding a policy that best fits your travel needs. VisitorsCoverage Inc. is a great resource and one-stop-shop for all travel insurance solutions.

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