This Dubai restaurant offers free lunch to job seekers

This post was originally published on 18 January 2017.

A group of restaurants in Dubai, under Indian management, is offering free food to job seekers who can’t afford to pay for it.

According to a report on Gulf News, Nom Nom Asia Restaurant in Karama and Al Barsha offers a free combo lunch to any job seeker, on any day of the week. They can choose a main dish plus noodles or rice, and water.

Jobseekers who don’t want charity and wish to pay once they’re able, can do so, says a signboard in front of the restaurant.

The restaurant in Al Barsha has been doing it for at least one year while the Karama branch has been doing it since it opened in June — in quiet and in the absence of major spotlight or fanfare, long before the Year of Giving was announced.

The idea of a free lunch actually came from Vivek Balaney, co-owner of the restaurant, said Sanjay Mohan, his self-effacing business partner.

“These things are done from our heart. They are not meant for telling people and getting any mileage out of it. The sheer joy of being human can be enjoyed by giving, this is my belief,” Sanjay told the daily.

The restaurant also does other charitable acts like providing free food to construction camps.

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