Tips for Danish Businesses Looking to Expand Overseas


Every entrepreneur wishes and dreams about expanding the business to overseas. Though, this dream is bound to face various anticipated and unforeseen challenges. Language barriers and time variations are just the tips of the iceberg.
If you want to expand your Danish business overseas, you need to be prepared to experience things that are different from the Danish culture. Without proper education and planning, you may find yourself undergoing culture shock that may have a contradictory impact on your business. It is expected that as an active business person you can only spend a limited amount of time in search of cultural differences. Sometimes it is just a few hours after landing in a new country that you find yourself in a meeting room talking business.
Your Danish business model might take a whole different shape when it comes to expanding globally. If you’re determined to grow your business globally, here are seven tips that will make your business evolution a faster and smoother process.

1. Study the market

If you want to succeed, it becomes necessary to expand the business sooner or later with shoes on the ground and intel on how to grow in new target markets. Examining your target market and local competition will enable you to know if your company, products, and services are of any interest in the country you aim to expand in.

2. Do it online

It is a good idea to do business online in each market you want to grow to before you set up a local office. Doing it online with your website, email, and e-commerce gateways ensure that you don’t spend a considerable amount of supplies learning how to get heads and handling customers in a new market. Once you have a hold and a decent client base through such online sales, you can develop your business overseas through in-person visits, new office places, and locally hired workers or marketing campaigns, etc. Make sure to translate online content from Danish to English so your international clients or customers can connect to your products/services easily.

3. Consult foreign specialists

Expanding your business overseas is not an easy task, and having specialized experts on your side while you grow is always a great thing. This is because a product/service that goes great locally might not work so well abroad. Consulting local specialists helps you better settle if there is a demand for your product/service in the nation you wish to expand.

4. Learn the local language

Understanding the local language is undeniable but often overlooked element for expanding business overseas. No consumer or potential business partner wants to be connected with someone who can’t speak their language. Besides taking language classes, you can also learn the language by apps and online references and learning tools, or spend time with the locals listening to the way they pronounce words. You also need to translate all your business documents, financial statements, etc. from Danish to English. To remove this language barrier, you need to use accurate Danish to English translation services.

5. Go big

Expanding business in a new market is expensive. It requires a lot of funding. User property, legal fees, marketing, and salaries are just a few services needing more substantial amounts in overseas. The closer you approach the actual product/service launch, the more you require to spend.

6. Broaden your vision

In recent years, a lot of Danish companies have turned their sights to overseas for expansion. Danish, as a whole, house some of the active growing economies, and this has started numerous new markets for plans looking to expand globally. Broaden your vision, and you get the success.

7. Enter new markets effectively

Though, entering in new markets don’t always come at a substantial cost. To start, penetrate the business with your brand by offering use of the right technology and marketing approach. This will help you build a local brand appearance. By making extensive use of social media, you can gain global coverage without really going through the bureaucratic difficulty of business in that country. If the fund is a matter, start in one nation, so you don’t spread yourself too light.
If you determine the right approach while expanding globally, you’ll be able to make the development process more manageable. Use the above-mentioned tips to overcome significant difficulties and make faster decisions for substantial expansion.

Guest Post By Cristian Romaniuc

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