Top Reasons to Translate Norwegian to English


Norwegian is, for the most part; mutually understandable with the Danish and Swedish languages – though, the written language is very much its distinct form. Norwegian to English translation is essential for stuff like financial statements, especially within the geo-engineering trade, because Norway is one of the leading nations for both business investment and government concern.

Other reasons for Norwegian to English translated documents and materials are Norwegian-English website translation, visa translation, birth certificates, and green cards, and Norwegian offered products and services that have English speaking customers and consumers.
Here are some of the reasons to translate Norwegian to English:

Because Not Everyone Speaks Norwegian

As we know that only a very tiny percentage of English speakers know Norwegian, if any communication is to be conducted for Norwegian businesses, or Norwegian visitors or immigrants to the UK, the US or Australia – Norwegian to English translation is imperative.

The Growth of Multinational Companies

English translation is significant for Norwegian organizations and businesses which work in multiple countries and often need to send and get information from various global offices and branches across the world. In such cases, the local information needs to be translated into a global language so that everyone involved is on the same page. Translation is also useful when businesses need to tie up with international businesses.

Translation Connects the Global Economy

The demand for English translation services is growing with every passing day. While English has been systematically established as “the language of global business,” translation and interpretation into English is a vital part of doing business around the world. Local businesses in Norway need to translate Norwegian to English if they want to tap on a larger market.

Legal Document Translation

If a Norwegian business wants to promote their products or services in the US or UK, it is likely to need professional Norwegian English legal translation services. They will help you translate your all types of legal documents from affidavits, bills, deeds to court statements. Legal translation is a particular field expecting complete precision, order over legal terms, comprehension of government controls, predominant laws and legal framework.

Accurate Transfer of News

Unless transferred and translated correctly, Norwegian news would be nothing more than nonsense when received by global news offices. Whether it is news coming from local organizations, regional centers, or even nations with strict news editing, translation serves as an effective tool without which news will remain useless and unreliable.

Certified English Translation for the USCIS

If you want to move to the US or UK, you need to translate your documents that are not in English such as degrees, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. will need to be translated before being submitted with your application to USCIS (along with the copy of the document in its original language). But you can’t just have anyone translate it. The person or agency must be qualified to do the translation.

Increase in Tourism

Translation can efficiently help in resolving one of the most significant tourist difficulties, that of being short-changed or fleeced by unknown people in foreign nations. At the same time, translated tourism stuff not only help Norwegian tourists feel welcome in any English country but also encourages the country’s popularity as a tourist-friendly destination, thereby leading to significant tourism-related revenues.

Better Interaction with Customers and Clients

If your business asks for interacting directly with your English customers and clients, then you must’ve met several people who do not speak Norwegian. You can promote your products to a much wider spectrum of the audience if you could talk to them in the English language.

Enhance Brand Visibility

A lot of abilities tests a company’s brand potential. Leading out to more and more audience is one of them. You need to break the barrier of language to make an image in the global market, and that is possible only with professional Norwegian to English translation services.

Healthcare Industry Is Very Benefitted

Healthcare industry deals with loads of patients coming from different nations. If you are going to any English speaking country for better medical treatment or surgery, you need to translate your Norwegian medical documents into the English language. Translation in medical field plays a crucial role in helping healthcare providers implement the necessary treatment needed for patients.

Guest Post By Cristian Romaniuc

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