Traffic Dept releases new list of violations, fines

The traffic department has issued a list of 30 violations that attract varying fines for light vehicles, with provision for seizure of vehicle in at least three of them.

These violations are, namely, drink driving, using language or symbol which is against public decency and hit-and-run incident.

The fines range from QR300 to QR6,000 and not all the 30 violations lead to demerit points to one’s driver’s licence.

Wherever applicable, only three to seven demerit points are to be added. A new list of violations has been released after a new traffic law was issued recently.

Some of the violations that are new include motorists talking while driving and watching TV while behind the steering wheel.

Jumping the red light continues to attract the maximum fine: QR6,000 and seven demerit points. Not listening to the police and stopping your car attracts similar fine and points’ addition.

While for talking the fine is QR300, for watching TV it is QR500, and driving in opposite direction (in a direction not allowed by the traffic law) attracts a fine of QR6,000 plus six demerit points.

Jumping a road divider and taking a U-turn also attracts a fine of QR6,000 and three demerit points.
A motorist not giving way to a police car or ambulance is to be slapped a fine of QR500.

Drivers who like to idle away time particularly at night need to be careful as driving at slow speeds without a valid reason is also an offence punishable with a fine of QR300.

Overtaking from the right side and not using the seat belt are both punishable with a fine of QR500 each.

And making a child (under-10 years of age) sit on the front seat while the car is in motion is an offence too and carries a fine of QR500. In cases of drink and drive, the vehicle will be seized.

And the fine is QR1,000 for a motorist who does not remove vehicle from a spot after a minor accident. A similar fine awaits those who drive a car without switching its headlights on at night.

Source: The Peninsula

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  1. yesterday red light i see and i stop my car just the line front i show flus light i never crouss red signal i have any fine tell me plz

  2. All BS. Not ONE, 1, new camera installed anywhere in the city… MOI will contact you via ‘text’ msg if you are the offender, HA.. they don’t even have my cp number… What about the guys flashing their lights in the left hand lane, trying to run you over, while they are speeding no less. All BS.. nice try… Cell Phone users, heck, that’s EVERYONE… Let’s see how many tickets are actually produced and monies brought into the Ministry after this little trick is started. I’ll bet 6 months from now, there are no more than there is right now!

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