Traffic violations to be recorded against driver’s Qatar ID number


The Qatar ID number of the motorist involved should be noted down while registering traffic violations, according to a circular issued by the Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior.

In case of a traffic violation, the driver should be stopped first and the offence should be recorded against his ID number, not against the registration number of the vehicle.

According to media reports,  the decision has been taken to ensure that the offender is the person driving the vehicle at the time of the violation, who may or may not be the owner of the car.

Vehicle owners often go to the Traffic Department with the complaint that they were issued violations even though they were not driving at the time of the offence or were outside the country, the report adds.

Not applicable to all violations

Some violations, though, have been excluded from the purview of the new rule on noting down ID numbers. These include :

  • unauthorised parking in slots meant for the handicapped
  • vehicles blocking public roads
  • vehicles being left without a motorist

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  1. Highly appreciated because the way vehicles are driven in Doha specially the 4 by 4 and commercial vehicles that is a major cause of accidents and incidents as well.

  2. md hasnain raza on

    I am working on visit visa and my passport mill exrair in Jun this year so can I apply my new passport for ten years validity?

    • Hi Mohamed, You can try to renew. Sometimes Embassy accepts the passport for renewal while on visit visa (for urgent cases). But the risk is that some passports need verification from India, which can take 4-6 weeks. Since you are on visit and you need to leave / renew when it expires think twice before you apply.

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