Travelling to UAE? Make sure to apply for visa online

This post was originally published on 15 May 2015.

Expatriates who reside in GCC countries like Qatar can now apply online for entry permits to visit UAE through Dubai. The service aims to expedite passenger movement at airports and relieve GCC residents of the hassle of waiting in queues for their visit visas, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs has announced.

The online visa application system also features an online payment method which will help passengers avoid the long queues to pay visa fees.

As of now, the online system is not compulsory but merely an option for those who would like to complete the visa issuance procedure before arriving to the country. However, officials said that from October 1, all visa application processes for GCC residents must be completed online.

Gulf Times reports that the new online system which would be soft-launched today applies only to expatriates who were eligible to avail the visa on arrival facility. People who are non-eligible and those who will be rejected while applying online can apply or re-apply at any of the airlines’ offices.

The UAE immigration authorities have a list of GCC expatriate workers who qualified for the visa on arrival scheme, mostly professionals such as doctors, engineers, nurses, architects and journalists, among others.

The online visa process will take about two working days while the regular procedure takes about four to seven working days or maybe more.

Applicants should visit, fill-up the form and pay the corresponding fee for the visa.
The entry permit is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. If the residence permit is expired/cancelled or profession is changed, the visitor will not be allowed to enter the UAE.

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  1. After entering my detailed , website say i will gen an activation email soon but i didnt get any mail. i checked spam, used different email, tried resend option. What next ?

  2. While implementing an online system to issue visit visas the concerned authorities should be responsible enough.They issued visas for me and my daughter and rejected visit visa for my wife.It seeems as an absurd process as i am the sponsor for both of them and all necessary documents were attached.No explanation nor details are availabe thru email and on the wesite….Pathetic..

  3. I apply online visa for me and my family, 6 days ago, we plan to go Dubai during Eid holidays.
    Now 6 days, But until today I did not get approval.
    I don’t know what to do now.
    I pay for me & my family visa applications 250/=for each
    1500/=. total for 6 visas. & I think I waist my money, because now Eid holidays starts & all govt offices close.
    I arrange Saudi transit visa also. I pay for that visas also.
    Now after 6 days no approval, all waist of money.

  4. I m also feeling sad… Bcoz me & my husband we both applied online visit visa to dubai… We have planned for this Eid Holidays… But today i got visit visa for dubai & my husband’s visa rejected… I dont know why they have rejected not mentioned anything. This is our 3rd time visit of Dubai. Then why rejected don’t know. & what about Money ?? they should refund back to us if not get visa…
    They should stop this online visa business.
    & better to give on arrival visa to everyone….

  5. This is very sad, we applied for visas to visit Dubai, mine and my wife visas got approved, but our 9 months daughter was rejected, they didn’t explain why or how to fix this issue, add to that I’m not going to reapply for my daughter again as I don’t know what to change in the application to make her eligible!! They don’t provide information when you call them on phone; our plans to visit Dubai have been cancelled for this year.
    It is funny how they admit family members randomly without any consideration that they are travelling together, real waste of time and money.

    1. It is completely absurd, highly inefficient and ridiculous way to rob people of their money. Me and my wife were rejected without giving any reason, thus waying almost 450 AED in the process. It might be just a money making game for them to reach their SALES targets.

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