Two-year ban for expatriates should continue in Oman: Officials

Oman’s two-year employment ban for expatriates who leave their jobs without a No Objection Certificate (NOC) should remain in place at least until the economic condition of the Sultanate improves, trade unions and government officials insist.

Rule brings stability in the labour market : Official

“The companies bring people, train them and somebody just leaves the company because he is offered better salary elsewhere. It [the rule] protects companies. This rule brings stability in the labour market,” Salem Al Saadi, the advisor to the Minister of Manpower, told the Times of Oman.

Asked if the rule could be relinquished in the future, he said, “It depends on the circumstances and the labour market situation.”

Manpower shortage due to the ban: Businessmen

However, some businessmen are of the opinion that the policy is leading to a brain drain within the existing expat workforce and making others think twice about coming to work in Oman, the daily reported.

Mark Pudwell, of recruitment services company Competence HR, said that the current NOC system may deter skilled job-seekers from considering opportunities in Oman.

“Some nations have recognised the fact that they cannot attract highly skilled people by restricting the terms of their contracts,” he said.

Currently, an expatriate worker can switch jobs in the Sultanate only if his/her employer agrees to grant the worker a no-objection letter.

Without this letter, the law prevents the expat from returning to Oman for work before two years.
Mohammad Al Farji, a member of the Oman Trade Union, said, “This hard rule is to control the private sector. We need to support it. Some people just run away from the company that brings them to Oman.”

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  1. nassor seyf mussa

    and if your boss is not doin by the contract said he do wrong ans you work many hour 13 hour and no off day and no ace in tje kitchen amd not giv cash salary for that ijust want to go back home so what m sapost to do

  2. Sheeraz Bin Saud

    Would anybody like to sale his/her product in less at the same time he/she knows that he/she can get more from another place? Job is equal to “Limited Work in Limited Time for a Fix Salary”. Due to this rule sponsors are taking “Unlimited Work in Unlimited Time for a Fix Salary”. At the same time due to this rule, if someone has offered by more for his services then he/she can’t avail. The things as training and expenses on a worker by his company are the reasonable factors but the company should get trust of his worker in the same time to not making his/her mind to leave his company. What is the rule for those male workers who have their working wife and children here on another employment Visa? If he decide to cancel his visa then he also has to stay outside Oman for two years without his wife and children? This point no body cleared.

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