UAE clarifies rumours about changes in residency laws


UAE’s Ministry of Interior on Thursday clarified that no amendments have been made to the country’s residency laws.

In a statement issued on its official Instagram page, the ministry dismissed rumours on social media that some changes had been made to residency laws.

The ministry urged people not to believe such rumours, and instead rely on the announcements made through the ministry’s official channels such as its website and social media accounts.

The ministry also warned people against spreading rumours, or fake news, on social media as they will be prosecuted for cyber crime.

Here is the full text of the statement:

“The Ministry of Interior would like to advise the public that any new law or any amendment to laws related o services provided to the public are announced officially through the media outlets and the accounts of the Ministry on social media.

Therefore, the Ministry calls for public attention, that what is published on social media about amendment to the system of residence in the UAE is completely false.

The Ministry warns against publishing or circulating any inaccurate information received from unreliable sources and stresses those who violate the same will be held accountable.”

Published on 8 June 2017

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