UAE Guide : How to avoid fines during Emirates ID renewal

Applicants who approach Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) to register or renew their expired Emirates ID card online can get their fines exempted, if they can provide genuine reasons for the delay.

Applying for exemption from late fines

All UAE and GCC citizens and expatriate residents, who failed to get their ID cards or the ID cards of those under their sponsorship issued or renewed in the stipulated timeframe, can apply for exemption from late fines if they fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • A person who left the country and lived outside the UAE for more than three months, or a resident whose residency expired while abroad or whose ID card validity expired after his departure from the UAE. This has to be established with the help of the travel document.
  • A person whose ID card validity expired while abroad as a result of an executive or judicial decree or whose passport is detailed in a case or due to its renewal. He has to prove it with an official letter from the relevant authorities that has decreed his departure or detailed his passport in a case or for purposes of renewal.
  • A person bed-ridden or suffering from a contagious disease or partial or full disability. This has to be proven with a medical certificate issued by relevant authorities in the country.
  • Staff of diplomatic or consular missions in the country and those under their care
  • Elderly people above the age of 70 who are unable to visit the customer services centres. They have to prove their age with their family book, passport or any other authentic document.
  • People subject to social security and those under their sponsorship. They have to prove their status with an official certificate issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs or other relevant authorities.
  • A person for whom the ID card was not issued during the period before he obtained UAE citizenship or family book.
  • Delays in the registration or issuance of ID card on account of errors of documentation or due to the Emirates ID’s systems or one of its staff members or typing offices assigned by it.

The exemption will be available only when submitting the forms online.
While filling up the form online, the option to apply for exemption will become available after about 10 steps.
Once the form is submitted online, the Authority will decide whether the individual will be exempted from payment of fines or not.
EIDA will send the individual a message informing him or her about acceptance or refusal of the exemption clause.

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