UAE offers more jobs than the rest of GCC put together

Despite recent reports of hiring activity slowing down in the country, the UAE still offers the most jobs in the region. As per various jobs portals, the country has the maximum number of listed vacancies, a report by Emirates 24|7 says.

According to jobs listed on portal, the UAE has 2,221 jobs advertised as opposed to 1,669 for the rest of the GCC countries put together (596 for Saudi Arabia, 717 for Qatar, 129 for Kuwait, 140 in Oman and 87 in Bahrain).

Another jobs website shows similar results – the maximum number of jobs are in the UAE, with 18,297 vacancies listed in the country. The number of jobs available in the rest of the GCC countries are about the same (18,851).

Saudi Arabia is second on the list with 9,206 jobs, followed by Qatar with 4,978 jobs, Kuwait with 2,843 jobs, Oman with 970 and Bahrain with 854 jobs.

Data on shows 4,307 jobs listed in UAE, with Saudi Arabia a distant second (2,936), followed by Qatar (1,355), Kuwait (906), in Oman (224) and Bahrain (151 jobs).

A hiring outlook survey released by NaukriGulf a couple of months back revealed that most recruiters expect new jobs to be created over the next six months.

A majority (58 per cent) of respondents in the region forecasted the creation of new jobs in the next six months, while also expressing confidence in lesser talent crunch and lower attrition.

The latest Monster Middle East employment index put UAE the second top country in the GCC to generate the most jobs last month over the same period one year ago.

Year-on-year growth rate in jobs advertised online in the region has almost halved in the past month, from 24 per cent in September 2015 to 14 per cent in October 2015, according to the latest Monster Employment Index (MEI).

“We continue to see a slowdown in the job market in the region, as evidenced by the MEI index which has almost halved from 24 per cent year-on-year growth in September 2015 to 14 per cent in October 2015,” said Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, (India, Middle East, South East Asia and Hong Kong).

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