UAE police crack down on drivers taking selfies

UAE drivers face fines of up to AED200 and four black points if they are caught taking selfies on their mobile phones while driving, Dubai Police have confirmed.

The offence comes under violations related to motorists using their mobile phones while driving and, in addition to a fine, results in four black points being added to an offender’s licence, Dubai Police told Emirates 24/7.

This, of course, is a rather a small price to pay for the offence because, in the worst case scenario, you could get hurt and injure others as your focus diverts from the road ahead to the tiny screen in your hand.
Police in Sharjah have already highlighted the risk involved in taking photos while driving and recently launched an awareness programme titled ‘Taking a selfie can end your life … selfies are a danger that you have to stop practicing’.

Selfies can be deadly

Taking pictures should be about enjoying and celebrating life, but selfies at the wrong places have been responsible for serious accidents and deaths in the world, despite warnings by the authorities.

#SelfieToDieFor is an educative movement to create awareness on the life hazards of taking selfies at risky and life threatening locations.

The campaign is conceptualised with an objective to drive a mass movement and appeal to the youth to click selfies responsibly.

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