UAE police rescues stranded Indian family from desert

An Indian family of three was rescued by UAE police after they lost their way and was stranded in the middle of a desert at midnight.

According to a report on Khaleej Times, Jose George and family were on their way back to Umm Al Quwain from Sharjah airport after seeing off a friend.

“It was 12am and it was just my daughter and wife in the car with me. The visibility was under 10m. It was pitch black. There were no street lights. And at one point I realised that I’d gone off the road,” Jose George told the daily.

“We exited the airport road and entered Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road to drive towards UAQ. However, we ended up missing the exit and drove towards Ras Al Khaimah instead,” Jose’s daughter Helen, a grade 11 student in Sharjah, said.

After a while, the family realised they were totally lost, and stopped their car on the hard shoulder close to exit 96 on the highway. They decided to dial 999, and like a stroke of luck, a police patrol car drove past the family. They signalled at the patrol car and explained that they were lost.

“The policeman asked us to follow him, but we lost him after a few minutes of driving, realising we had driven the vehicle off-road. That is when I got really worried, and luckily again, we saw another 4×4 vehicle drive past us,” said Helen.

George followed the car for a few moments until they reached the main road again.

“Luckily, the policeman who was guiding us also found us. It seemed like he was waiting on the highway for us. He drove us all the way back to the entrance of Umm Al Quwain,” Helen said.
The family stated that had it not been for the police, they would have waited on the deserted road until morning.

“Thanks to the UAE police for its efficient and quick service. We are really blessed to live in such a well secured and safe country like UAE,” Helen added.

George works in Jebel Ali while his wife is a nurse at a hospital in Umm Al Quwain.

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