UAE reduces validity period for GCC-residents visa and transit visa

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), Dubai, has revised the validity period for GCC-residents visa and 96-hour transit visa to UAE.

GCC-residents visa valid for 30 days only

“The validity for GCC residents’ visa is 30 days from the issuance date,” an Amer Contact Center staff told Emirates 24|7. Previously the time given was 60 days.

Recently UAE had made it mandatory that GCC expatriates flying to the UAE have to possess an e-visa before boarding the aircraft from April 29.

96-hour visa valid for 14 days only

The visa validity before entry for 96-hour visas is now 14 days from issuance date. Previously the time for this visa was also 60 days.

The validity dates have been changed from March 28, 2016. However, transit passengers can avail of a 96-hour visa at UAE airports irrespective of the airlines they are flying in.

Passengers arriving at airports through an international airline can apply for such visa if they meet certain conditions such as :

  1. The duration between the two trips should not be less than 8 hours
  2. The two trips should be to different destinations (one should transit from Dubai to another destination and not back to the same place where he/she came from)
  3. Hotel booking is mandatory.

A 96-hour transit visa is for a four-day stay with the first day of arrival (until midnight) being considered as Day 1 with three more days left to stay.

The exit has to be completed before midnight of the fourth day.

Last week, the GDRFA introduced the ‘UAE vision’ new system, which allows the public to apply for all kind of visa and residency related transactions only via typing service centres approved by the residency department. You can read more about it here.

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