Under new law, exit permit will no more be required, says official

The new law regulating entry, exit and residency of expatriates in Qatar has transformed the Kafala (sponsorship) system in the country into one controlled by employment contracts, a senior official of the Ministry of Interior has said.

Addressing a press conference, Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed Al Atiq, Assistant Director General of the Department of Border, Passport and Expatriates Affairs at the ministry said that the new law has done away with exit permits that were an integral part of the Kafala system.

“Exit permit will no more be required for travel since it was part of the Kafala system, which will become invalid with enforcement of this law,” said Al Atiq.

To leave the country an employee needs to apply to the departments concerned at the Ministry of Interior through Metrash 2 system and inform his employer three days in advance.

“No one will prevent an expatriate worker from leaving the country and in case of any objection (from the employer), both sides can approach the grievances committee which will look into the issue,” a report by The Peninsula quoted him as having said.

This committee will comprise representatives from the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and other bodies concerned.

The applicant (expatriate worker) will receive a SMS confirming approval or rejection and in case of any dispute it should be raised to the grievance committee. If the committee does not take a decision within three working days then the case be referred to the court, explained the official.

The law has stated that in case of an emergency, the worker can leave immediately after notifying the employer and by approval of the authorities concerned.

– Published on: Nov 1, 2015