Road accident procedures in Qatar


No one wants to be part of a road accident. But it is always best to be informed on how to act and react if you ever get involved in a vehicle accident, no matter how minor.  Read below all the necessary information that you should know regarding the police, the paperwork and the procedures.

Case A : Minor Accident – Both parties agree on who is at fault

  • If both parties agree, you can move the vehicle to the side of the road in order not to block traffic.
  • Call the police and wait for them to arrive (Failure to comply could result in a penalty).
  • Follow step 2 (below).

Case B : Minor Accident – Both parties agree on who is at fault and meet later

  • Exchange phone numbers with the other party.
  • Take down their name, license number.
  • Make an arrangement with the other driver to meet at the police station.
  • Follow step 3 (below).

Case C : Injury / Major Damage / Parties do not agree on who is at fault

  • Do not move the vehicles no matter the obstruction that they may be causing to the other road users.
  • Call the police as they need to see the position of all vehicle to assess responsibility.
  • Call ambulance if someone is injured.
  • Follow step 2 (below).

Case D : Hit and run / Accident or scratch while at parking

  • Go to the police station closest to the scene of the accident.
  • They will open a file and you will have to wait for a week in case someone comes forward to claim responsibility.
  • Thereafter you will receive a police report which will enable you to fix your car.
  • Follow step 3 (below).

Case E : Accident without another party (Hit on a stationery object)

  • Go to the police station closest to the scene of the accident.
  • You will receive a police report which will enable you to fix your car.
  • You can claim insurance if your car is fully insured. If it is only 3rd party insurance you would have to bear the expenses at a garage.
  • Follow step 4 (below).

STEP 1 : Emergency calls – Police / Ambulance

  • Police : 999 / 44890699 / 44890670
  • Ambulance : 999
  • Hamad Hospital : 44392222 / 44393333

STEP 2 :  When Police arrives on scene

At the scene of the incident you will be asked to provide your license, vehicle registration and insurance documents. Then they will issue you with a red or a green ticket. The red indicates that you are at fault while the green means that you are not at fault.

They will then inform you of the date that you need to go to the police station to collect the police report. This is done on the same day or the next day.

STEP 3 : At the Police Station

  • Take the car along so that police can inspect if needed.
  • If you don’t speak Arabic, it is better to take a colleague or friend who speaks Arabic. Qatar police officers speaks English, but not all of them are very fluent. Miscommunication may land you in more trouble.
  • Make sure to carry all the documents – Qatar ID, Driving License, Vehicle registration and Insurance documents.
  • Do not sign anything unless you fully understand what it is.
  • Do not accept the blame if you think it is not your fault.
  • Do not lose your temper / use bad language / aggressive behavior.
  • Be patient, smile and be respectful to the police.

Update : 1 March 2015  – A new procedure has been announced, where you no longer need to visit the Traffic Department. After police verifies the accident on site, you will receive an SMS with accident file number and asking you to visit the insurance company. The details of accident would be passed on to the insurance company through an electronic link.

STEP 4 : Insurance Claim

  • If you are not at fault then find out from the other driver which insurance company his car is insured with. You will probably need to go to their offices to complete the formalities.
  • Take your car to the claims office of the insurance company with the police report, registration, Qatar ID, etc. You can then file a claim. They will then send someone out to inspect your car and take photos for their file.

STEP 5 : Garage Repair

  • It is illegal for any garage in Qatar to carry out any accident or body work repairs on your vehicle without the paperwork from police and or insurance company.
  • In case of insurance claim, the insurance company will tell you which garage you can take the car to. They will also give you a paper to give to the garage and you will not have to pay for the repairs.

Wish you all accident-free safe driving !


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  2. Hi,

    One guy came and banged my car from the back and police has confirmed that it is his fault. This guy does not have any third party insurance and police asked me to get the quotation from three garages. I bought the quotation and this guy is not agreeing to pay the money and police is completely backing him. Police said to me that, you can file a case if you do not agree,

    I want to know what is the procedure to file a case and does it cost me any money, do I need to visit court for the hearings.

    Kindly help me.

  3. A police officer in mattar behaved badly after the other guy I had accident with lied
    to him and i want to report both of them

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