Why have women started wearing Men’s Watches?


The gender difference in the case of watches has been pretty clear since the inception of watches. A certain look is given to both types of watches that appeal both the sexes. But things are changing now, and you can’t tell the perfect choice of a woman or either of man.

People are now open more than ever about their style preferences, and they don’t want to stick to the usual stereotypes. There are wide ranges of options available for women when it comes to watches panerai luminor marina  is one brand of luxury watches that serve this purpose well for all the ladies. And to be honest, there are no major differences between the watches of men and women.

Yes, there are some stylistic differences, but the rest of it is all the same. However, it will not be wrong to say that women now prefer men’s watches because of what all is possibly not offered in their section of the watches.

Below are some of the reasons that tell us why women are now buying men’s watches:

  • Sizes of the Dial – Women’s watches have always had small dials with limited shape options. But men’s watches offer them much more variety and gives them the freedom of choosing a watch that is perfect as per their expectations. The big dials watches can easily be found in the men’s section of watches.
  • Overall Weight – The traditional women watches are small in size, and that makes them less heavy as compared to that of men’s. A lightweight watch is usually preferred irrespective of the gender but women’s watches are super light, and that might not appeal some of the women.
  • Colour – This is one of the most considerable factors as to why women are choosing men’s watches. Usually, most of the brands do not come up with a wide variety of color options, whereas men’s watches have quite the opposite situation. Along with the light shades; darker shades are also available, but women’s section mostly includes light shades because it is perceived that women love to wear light colors and it is believed that such a preference is a part of their personality. But the women of today want to explore all her options, and that is great when it comes to the issue of gender equality.
  • The Strap – Some of the women might not prefer thin straps anymore and they love to wear a watch that has got big straps. The small size straps are getting outdated day by day, and most of the women now prefer decent sized leather straps. Large straps are also preferred from the perspective of style.

It is all about the individual preferences that a person makes about such things. All the watch manufacturers should treat all this as a business opportunity. If all the complaints that the women have with the typical design of women’s watch is addressed with analytical thinking, then there is a fair chance of momentum shifting back to the same category of watches.

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– Guest Blog by Jasmine

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