Qatar’s broadband ranked as the fastest in MENA region

This post was originally published on 21 August 2017.

Qatar has ranked first in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) and seventh worldwide in broadband connection speed, said Ooredoo, citing a report by Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Akamai.

Akamai’s ‘State of the Internet’ report, which analysed the first quarter results of global broadband speeds, said Qatar led the Mena region in average broadband connection speeds in Q1 2017, and had the largest yearly connection speed increases of some 64%.

With a 108 Mbps average peak connection speed, Qatar is also ranked seventh worldwide in providing broadband speeds, beating countries in Europe and the US, according to the recent sampling of over 146 countries.

The report also acknowledged Ooredoo’s network enhancements and investments as key factors in ranking, including the launch of its 4.5 G Pro service with speeds up to 800 Mbps for customers in Doha.

Ooredoo Qatar CEO Waleed al-Sayed said: “We are delighted to be fulfilling our vision of making Qatar one of the best-connected countries in the world and congratulate Qatar’s leadership and people for this amazing result.

Ooredoo plans to continue to invest in our network to provide the latest speeds for Qatar so that it can lead in next-generation solutions and technologies.”

Ooredoo Qatar has installed fibre broadband to 96% of homes in Qatar, enabling nearly everyone who wants the service to access “life changing speeds and educational benefits the Internet can bring.”

Alongside its investment in the latest networks, such as the company’s recent announcement that 10 base stations having been equipped with 5G-ready technology, Ooredoo is working to fulfil the growing demand for connectivity in Qatar.

“This demand has seen higher levels of customers adopting higher fibre speed plans, such as Ooredoo’s 25Mbps plan, which has had a 20% adoption in Q1 against the worldwide adoption rates at that level of just 12%,” according to the report.

To celebrate this result, Ooredoo will launch a new Ooredoo fibre plan for Qatar “in the coming days” to cater to the “ever-growing digital lifestyles of our customers,” al-Sayed said.

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