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All About Non-Resident Indians (NRI)

Non-Resident Indians

Overseas Indians, officially known as Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) or persons of Indian origin (PIOs), are people of Indian birth, descent, or origin who live outside the Republic of India.

According to a Ministry of External Affairs report, there are 32 million NRIs and PIOs residing outside India.

For the purposes of the Income Tax Act, “residence in India” requires a stay in India of at least 182 days in a financial year or 365 days spread out over four consecutive years and at least 60 days in that year.

Countries With Most NRIs

United States4,460,000
United Arab Emirates3,425,144
Saudi Arabia2,594,947
United Kingdom1,764,000
Sri Lanka1,614,000
South Africa1,560,000

Source: Ministry of External Affairs

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