Got a Dubai traffic fine by error ? Here is how you can appeal


If you believe you weren’t at a particular place at the time a traffic fine was issued against your name, or were driving within the speed limit, you have all the rights to contest the fine, says Dubai Police.

If you can prove your case, the traffic fine will be waived off in just five days once you register your case.

How to file a complaint

There are three options for an individual to contest a traffic fine in Dubai. To file a complaint, a driver can :

  • Go to the General Directorate of Traffic headquarters  OR
  • Call on 04-6063755 to file a complaint  OR
  • Go through the Dubai Police website (

Supporting documents required

If you are making a complaint, you must carry the supporting documents to prove your case.

  • For example, if you were at a hospital when a traffic offence was levied, a hospital report that can prove you were visiting a doctor can be of immense help in this case.

You may analyse your case and try to get proof that you were not in the place where the offence was recorded.

The procedure

Once you have filed a complaint, a special committee will look into your case.

The committee consists of six officers – deputy general at traffic department, two traffic control officers, a fines officer, representative of the Financial Supervisory General Headquarters of Dubai Police, and a representative of the Legal Affairs.

Duration for resolution

The committee is mandated to respond to the complainant within 5 working days once the review of the traffic fine was registered.

If the ruling is in favour of the complainant, the traffic violation will be cancelled.

However, if the driver is not satisfied, s/he should take a copy of the findings and approach Traffic Prosecution, which will issue the final verdict.

(As told by Colonel Saif Mohair Al Mazroui, General Directorate of Traffic at Dubai Police to Emirates 24|7 website.)


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  2. There is no link on the website or the app. I have looked everywhere. They issue fines that are incorrect and you are forced to pay. It is ridiculous.

  3. I get 2 fine incorrect at 1 am in albarsha 1000 amont I was parking my car somebody give me 1000 fine I am 100%sure it was wrong fine and one I get Zahra crossing at 6am nobody was crossing the road but I get 500 fine it’s tottly wrong I don’t know how to clame this 2 fines

  4. I got fine 18 February 14.14pm shk Rashid street but I never go that street on 18 February Sunday please help me to finish this problem

  5. mohammed hamada on

    I got fine on my licence however I have no car yet !!!! all of this fines by data entry by error

  6. Sarkhail kabir on

    I got a fine of 600 in sharjah but that time my car was parked here in Dubai in the parking for whole night and two cameras for RTA are here in this parking where my car was parked

  7. I got a fine 500 AED 4/11/2018 on 3:18pm but this time i buy a tabltes from hospital i have a receipet i leave the shop on 3:06 pm how i got the fine i have proof of medical store ester clinic it is totly wrong fine

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