USCIS Translation Requirements and the Translation of Birth Certificate


Everyone has a right to strive for a better life. If your current living conditions aren’t exactly how you want them to be and you want to make a fresh start in life then moving to another country could be a good idea. Many people in the world want to chase the American dream and who can blame them really? Just the thought of seeing the New York snow every year at Christmas is enough to make anyone wish they lived in the US.

But moving to the US for good and becoming a US citizen is not a piece of cake. You’ll have to go through a lengthy procedure if you want to send your immigration application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). But if you are not too careful and don’t follow all the requirements of the USCIS immigration procedure, your application can get rejected. And that’s always very disappointing. Nobody likes rejection, especially when they have put so much effort into something.

So how do you make sure that your USCIS application gets accepted? By following each and every rule and fulfilling all the requirements. One of the requirements of USCIS is that certified translations of all of your documents that are not in English must be included in your application.

Requirements of USCIS Translation:

When you are applying for immigration to the US, your papers and documents like the birth certificate and degrees can be in a foreign language. The USCIS requires that you get all of your documents translated into English before submitting your application. The translations have to be carried out by a certified translator or an accredited translation agency.

The translations for USCIS cannot be carried out by you or your friends, even if you are fluent in both languages. Translators and translation agencies know the requirements of USCIS and can translate your documents properly. Official documents like the birth certificate have a particular format that can only be accurately followed by certified translators and translation agencies.

Submitting a translation that is not certified can cause problems for your immigration application. In most cases, your case will get rejected if you submit inaccurate translations with your application. If your application does not get denied, then it will become the victim of a long delay. You will have to get certified translations of your documents and then submit them for evaluation.

To avoid all these problems, you must get your documents translated by certified translation services. Don’t pick the first translation service that you see the first ad. Ask your friends and family if they know of a translation service or read the online reviews of people to know which translation service is the most suitable for you.

Translation of Birth Certificate:

A birth certificate is an official document that lists the time, place, date of birth of a person along with the name of their parents. A birth certificate is the most important official document. It is essential for immigration application. If you don’t have a birth certificate, then you can say goodbye to your hopes of successful immigration.

But even if you have a birth certificate, it may not be enough if it is in a foreign language. For your USCIS application, you will need to get your birth certificate translated into English by a certified translation agency. Only experienced translators and translation agencies can provide the certified translation of a birth certificate. Even if you require a birth certificate translation notarized, a translation agency can get that for you. You just have to find the perfect translation services and let them handle this task for you. As long as you don’t try to do the translation of your birth certificate yourself, you will be fine.

Why Do You Need A Certified Translation?

Birth certificates, like all other official documents, are complicated and cannot be accurately translated by inexperienced translators. Only qualified translators and translation agencies can carry out the task. Certified translation of a birth certificate is necessary because it accurately translates the document.

The USCIS staff will have no problem understanding your birth certificate, and other records, if it has a certified translation. A certified translation also means that the translation is trustworthy.
So if you are thinking of applying for immigration to the U.S., don’t forget to get the certified translations of your documents (including your birth certificate) ready for submission to the USCIS.

Guest Post By Cristian Romaniuc

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